Australian drone technology startup Aerologix launches in New Zealand

Tom Caska, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Aerologix and Rakesh Routhum Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Aerologix
Tom Caska, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Aerologix and Rakesh Routhum Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Aerologix

Australian drone technology startup Aerologix that employs expert engineers and data analysts is taking its first step towards international operations by launching in New Zealand.

What is the market offering of the Aerologix NZ launch?

Aerologix was founded by former Qantas pilot Tom Caska and IT expert Rakesh Routhu in 2019 after they met while studying their MBAs. In a few years, Aerologix has grown rapidly from having a few hundred pilots on its platform to having more than 10,000 and partnerships established with the likes of Clean Up Australia. The jobs vary across a number of industries including surveying, infrastructure, renewables, telecommunications as well as construction.

Pilots are invited to register on the Aerologix website or mobile application, which is now available on iOS and Android, which will allow them to work on an array of aerial capture projects, including high-quality aerial footage and photos for social events, event and marketing requirements. As well as enterprise solutions such as asset inspections and technical imaging requirements; digital twins, terrain mapping and photogrammetry.

To mark the launch, Aerologix is running a drone footage competition, which comes with an NZD$5,000 total prize pool. The competition will run from Monday 17 April until Wednesday 24 May, with a judge choosing a weekly theme for the entries via the Aerologix web app.

Judges of the drone footage competition are;

  • winner of the Aerologix Drone Competition Australia 2022, Natasha Trivedi;
  • Aerologix’s Operations Coordinator and drone pilot, Emily Bidencope;
  • New Zealand locals Bernard and Alisa Satherley who own aerial photography company, Kiwi Droneography;
  • Award winning New Zealand born aerial photographer, Petra Leary.

The founders of Aerologix; Tom Caska and Rakesh Routhu will announce the winner at an exclusive event that will take place at Candela Restaurant & Bar located in Auckland on Thursday 25th May. The end of the competition coincides with the World of Drones & Robotics Congress, which will be held in New Zealand for the first time on May 22-24 in Auckland.

Aerologix is a major sponsor and will have a booth at the event, held at The Hilton, where co-founders Tom and Rakesh will be available for various interviews and product demonstrations.

What did the executives have to say about the launch?

Aerologix Co-Founder and CEO, Tom Caska says, “We’re excited to be launching Aerologix in New Zealand, known for picturesque landscapes, perfect for capturing amazing aerial footage.”

“Drone photography recently has quickly become a must-have for several companies and businesses, especially those in regions with vast landscapes as well as urban environments, such as New Zealand. Aerologix offers their pilots an opportunity to work on a variety of aerial photography projects, allowing them to showcase all their skills in a wide range of sectors.”

Aerologix Co-Founder and COO, Rakesh Routhu says, “We are looking forward to welcoming New Zealand’s drone pilots to experience our award-winning platform and applications, for projects and airspace information, that is currently being used by pilots in Australia every day.”


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