Brownlow medallist Dustin Martin to launch his DRIP Fitness app on July 6

Dustin Martin, Founder of DRIP Fitness

Dustin Martin, a great player of this generation, Brownlow Medallist and 3x premiership winner with the Richmond Tigers, launches his DRIP Fitness app on Wednesday, July 6. This is not just another fitness app, it is a personal trainer, wellness and mindfulness coach.

What can subscribers expect from the DRIP Fitness app?

With customisable workouts developed by elite sports scientists and top personal trainers to suit every fitness level, DRIP is tailored personally to ensure users reach their full potential.

Dustin has enlisted the best in fitness, sport and wellness to create a training program that gives the user access to the toptier coaching that made him an extraordinary athlete. “I’ve always been passionate about health and fitness and I want the users of the app to achieve their goals and genuinely improve their quality of life,” Dustin said commenting on the app.

From HIIT, cardio, strength, fatloss, boxing, yoga and Pilates to meditation and mindfulness, users of the app can create wellrounded physical and mental training programs to suit them.

What is Dustin’s motivation today?

“To have the opportunity to share the things that I have learnt along in my career and help others achieve their goals really excites me. I want to help people become the best version of themselves and motivate and guide people to reach their goals,” Dustin further said.

DRIP Fitness by Dustin Martin is free to download via the App Store from July 6. All new members get exclusive access to a free trial. Subscription starts with this threeday free trial.

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