Dreamstime hits 200 million online files from its 1 million contributors

Serban Enache, Chief Executive Officer at Dreamstime

Dreamstime, the stock photo community, announced that it reached 200 million online files uploaded by its now 1 million contributors. To celebrate the two major milestones, the agency will launch a series of photo and blog contests awarding prizes of $36,000 and more.

How has Dreamstime spurred the industry?

As of February 2nd, Dreamstime invites its global contributors to join four celebratory assignments focusing on best stock photography, illustration, footage, and music. Registered members can share their stories working with Dreamstime media and enter a blog contest.

Other celebratory rewards include a discounted 200 download plan and a special anniversary #LoveDreamstime Valentine’s Day, when all contributors receive 100% royalties from sales.

As part of its mission to improve and grow the stock photography industry, the company has released several artificial intelligence-powered features over the last years: PhotoEye, a service that offers image filtering, copyright detection, smart cropping, and scalability to improve search results for companies and their customers, localization search criteria that include regionally mixed results to boost diversity as well as local content exposure.

LicenseGuard, a tool that monitors, detects and flags potentially unlicensed usages of visual content. In December 2022, Dreamstime announced it would accept AI-generated content and is working on adding more languages to the site’s current thirteen international versions.

What does the milestone mean for Dreamstime?

“We’re proud to be in the industry for over 20 years, evolving from film scans to DSLRs and AI-generated content, from a hundred photographers to today’s one-million visual and audio content creators worldwide,” Serban Enache, Dreamstime Chief Executive Officer said.

“We see immense potential for creative evolution; these milestones are incentives for the next threshold to cross. We’re grateful to our community for journeying with us thus far, and we’re looking forward to our next adventures together,” Serban Enache further added.

To become more involved in social, educational, and environmental campaigns, Dreamstime launched programs to support charitable organizations like WHO, Doctors Without Borders, and Ukrainian Refugees groups and offer free subscriptions to NGOs, teachers, and students.