Draslovka acquires Blue Cube to expand its technology offering

Pavel Bruzek Jr, Chief Executive Officer of Draslovka
Pavel Bruzek Jr, Chief Executive Officer of Draslovka

Draslovka a.s., a global cyanide-based chemical specialties and agricultural chemicals provider, has acquired Blue Cube Systems (Pty) Ltd, a South-Africa-based firm that develops, builds and sells real-time mineral analysers for use in mineral beneficiation processes. Blue Cube has installed more than 100 analysers across mines and has a strong growth profile, especially in Africa and Australia, which will be enhanced via Draslovka’s foothold in the Americas.

What does Blue Cube bring to Draslovka’s portfolio?

Blue Cube is a vital addition to the Draslovka offerings and a critical piece in the AI-based mining optimisation solutions Draslovka is developing. Through this acquisition, Draslovka will bring added value to its existing customers by offering significantly improved real-time data collection. That data can be used to optimise processing operations and reduce costs in addition to serving as an enabler for advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence tools.

Blue Cube’s MQi technology is based on reflective spectroscopy for slurry and dry applications and absorption spectroscopy for solutions. Crucially, results are shared with the client every 15 seconds, whereas conventional technology suffers from a delay of about 24 hours.

Blue Cube offers a product range suitable for slurry applications, such as flotation operations, wet or dry magnetic separation, electrostatic separation, gravity separation and leach operations. Its products include no hazardous components (like X-rays or radiation sources) and, similar to Draslovka, is founded on an ethos of ongoing innovation. Blue Cube will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Draslovka. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Blue Cube’s products have been proven in operations processing of minerals, like gold, nickel, copper, platinum group metals, heavy minerals, chrome, iron, phosphate and manganese. When combined with the appropriate process control, Blue Cube’s tech can lead to an increase of 2-4% in recovery, which is substantial for companies looking to stay competitive.

What does the acquisition mean for the industry?

Commenting on the Blue Cube acquisition, Draslovka’s Chief Executive Officer, Pavel Bruzek Jr, said: “The addition of Blue Cube makes Draslovka a truly integrated solutions provider.”

“We are perfectly situated to provide forward-thinking mining firms with a full suite of services that allow them to reduce costs, increase sustainability, manage environmental footprint and be at the forefront of the industry and bottom of the cash curve. I look forward to working with our colleagues at Blue Cube and building Draslovka’s contribution to the mining sector.”

Commenting on the Blue Cube acquisition, Jimmy Stockbridge, Director of Draslovka Mining Solutions, said: “Blue Cube offers an innovative line of products that are truly unique and powerful. We are extremely excited to empower our customers with robust data collection through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies that improve metal extraction processes.”

Francois Plessis, Founder of Blue Cube, said: “Blue Cube was established in 2001 with a passion for innovation, therefore we couldn’t be happier to be acquired by Draslovka, a company that is committed to innovative and creative thinking. As a subsidiary of Draslovka, I believe Blue Cube will be on a fast-track growth trajectory as we expand into the Americas.”