DoubleVerify hires Daniel Slotwiner to lead its Attention division expansion

Daniel Slotwiner, Senior Vice President of Attention at DoubleVerify
Daniel Slotwiner, Senior Vice President of Attention at DoubleVerify

DoubleVerify (DV), a software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, announced the appointment of Daniel Slotwiner to Senior Vice President of Attention. In this role, Slotwiner will oversee all attention initiatives at DV including product innovation, go-to-market strategy and commercialisation activities, as well as the development of attention-based industry research and campaign performance insights and recommendations.

DV Attention Lab™ launched in October of 2022 and is powered by DV Authentic AttentionⓇ – an MRC-accredited, performance solution that analyses over 50 data points on a digital ad’s exposure and the consumer’s engagement with a digital ad and device – in real time.

The DV Authentic AttentionⓇ solution assesses an ad’s entire presentation for exposure, quantifying its intensity and prominence through metrics like viewable time, share of screen, video presentation, audibility, and more. For engagement, the DV Authentic AttentionⓇ solution examines key user-initiated events that occur while the ad creative is displayed, including user touches, screen orientation, video playback, and audio control interactions.

What does Slotwiner bring to DoubleVerify in the role?

As the Director of Advertising Research at Facebook for ten years, Daniel Slotwiner led a team in evaluating ad effectiveness and improving performance for advertisers. Previously, at Google, he focused on competitive research and panel-based measurement solutions. Most recently, Slotwiner served as Vice President of Measurement, Insights, and Product Marketing Manager at GoPuff, helping the company activate its data for its retail media business.

Commenting on the role, Slotwiner said, “DoubleVerify is ubiquitous in the advertising ecosystem and is well-positioned to drive actionable, attention-based measurement. I am excited to take DV’s Attention solutions to the next level and help drive campaign performance for brands and agencies, while being part of a dynamic and growing team.”

Daniel will also lead the DV Attention LabTM – a multidisciplinary team consisting of data scientists, product experts, and marketing analysts tasked with providing advertisers with sophisticated, attention-based insights and recommendations on campaign performance, and promulgating industry benchmark reports, best practice guides, illustrative case studies, etc.

Traditional KPIs like viewability and clicks fail to determine an ad’s impact on viewers, while regulatory changes and the deprecation of personal identifiers are challenging existing audience targeting methods. To address these issues, advertisers are turning to attention metrics as a means to gauge ad presentation, user engagement and campaign performance.

What does the appointment mean for DoubleVerify?

“As advertisers face economic uncertainty, the need to understand and improve media outcomes is crucial. That’s why some of the world’s largest brands are using DV’s MRC-accredited Authentic Attention solution to measure and optimise campaign performance. The hire of Daniel as head of attention further solidifies our commitment to helping our clients leverage attention to improve media outcomes,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO, DoubleVerify.

Mark Zagorski, Chief Executive Officer at DoubleVerify
Mark Zagorski, Chief Executive Officer at DoubleVerify

“Daniel brings over two decades of experience in performance measurement and ad effectiveness that has helped hundreds of the world’s top brands drive bottom-line results.”

“We launched the DV Attention Lab™ with the goal of helping advertisers unlock actionable attention data to maximise campaign performance. Daniel is also well positioned to lead the DV Attention Lab™ and develop attention-based measurement insights and research to inform campaign optimisation strategies for the global brands DV serves,” Zagorski added.

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