CTV fraud surges globally justifying the need for always-on protection

DoubleVerify (DV), one of the leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, released its 2023 Global Insights Report, analysing trends from nearly 5.5 trillion media transactions across over 1,000 customers in nearly 100 countries. The research report highlights key digital media quality trends, and demonstrates the need for always-on verification across channels to create the foundation for impactful performance.

What were the findings of the DV’s report?

This year’s report looked at quality trends across regions and devices, and compared results for campaigns that leverage verification (managed/protected) to a campaign that did not (unmanaged/unprotected) — with dramatic differences in quality. Key takeaways include:

CTV consumption surges, but the channel continues to be a target

In Australia, CTV content consumption and quality verification grew by 150% year-over-year, as compared with 62% globally. An increase in streaming subscriptions, including free and ad supported plans, is propelling CTV as a top channel of choice for consumers and advertisers alike. As investments and attention in CTV grow, so too does the opportunity for fraud and the importance of measurement and protection to mitigate risks and exposure.

Bot fraud on CTV surged by 69% in 2022 compared to 2021 globally, and the number of CTV fraud schemes and variants DV detected has tripled since 2020. For unprotected advertisers, the risk is huge. To quantify the risk, DV compared protected advertisers’ fraud rates against a campaign where verification was not in place. For unprotected advertisers, CTV fraud violations measured 11.2% — compared with 0.6% for protected campaigns.

Post-bid quality improving and stabilising year-over-year

The DoubleVerify research report finds that Asia Pacific leads key quality indicators across all regions with high video viewability and low fraud/SIVT violation rates. Asia Pacific also has the second lowest brand suitability violation rate among all regions, however, the region only showed a 2% year-over-year decrease in its brand suitability violation rate. This is partially due to Australia’s rate increasing by 22%, with a 49% increase for mobile web alone.

Amid economic uncertainty and deprecation of personal identifiers, advertisers are increasingly turning to attention-based measurement to help optimise campaign performance and enhance ROI. Media investments in APAC are heavily focused on in-app inventory.

Asia Pacific historically has excellent video performance, and ads placed in mobile apps see higher overall attention. Most advertisers across the region run campaigns that deliver to sites or apps that have low attention rates; however, DoubleVerify’s analysis shows there is significant available inventory that could deliver higher attention and performance.

What are DoubleVerify’s thoughts on the findings?

Commenting on the research, Collette Spagnolo, Vice President of Marketing Analytics at DoubleVerify, said, “Based on our research, in order to drive consistent performance, it is essential that advertisers engage verification across all campaigns and environments.”

“When verification is turned off or not applied, an advertiser becomes vulnerable to the swings in quality caused by unpredictable news cycles and sophisticated fraud schemes. Also, always-on protection helps the industry maintain a common and consistent gauge of media quality everywhere, as verification techniques evolve to encompass emerging channels for content consumption. Having coverage, protection and insight into all channels is critical.”

Imran Masood, Country Manager of ANZ at DoubleVerify
Imran Masood, Country Manager of ANZ at DoubleVerify

Imran Masood, Country Manager of ANZ at DoubleVerify, said, “Our 2023 Global Insights Report not only highlights the significant surge in CTV consumption and associated fraud but also emphasises the crucial role of always on verification in today’s digital media landscape.”

“The dramatic discrepancy in quality between protected and unprotected campaigns reinforces the high cost of inaction for advertisers. It’s encouraging to see advertisers turning increasingly towards attention-based measurement for better campaign performance optimisation and insights, and enhanced value-driven return-on-investment,” Masood said.

In addition to its findings on CTV fraud and attention, DoubleVerify’s Global Insights Report features new data on the ROI of verification as well as the need for always on verification to ensure consistent quality assurance across all platforms, environments and formats.

For the full 2023 Global Insights Report, visit the website.