DOUBLESTAR CO marks incredible organic growth and several client wins

Jye Smith, Founder and Managing Director of DOUBLESTAR CO

DOUBLESTAR CO ended 2022 on a high thanks to a stellar portfolio of client wins, impressive agency growth, and the launch of its new film division, DBLSTR FLMS. 

What is the market reach of DOUBLESTAR CO?

The Sydney based agency celebrated several customer wins and project work in the technology sector including working with leading firms like Advanced Navigation, Datarock, EncompaaS, Knocknoc, Miroma Project Factory, and Maropost, as well as customers wins in the lifestyle and healthcare space including Body WRL, Beamers, Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Group (CMNL), MoliCare, Midea, MyMerch, Hanrob, Scape and PostieBike GP.

Customer wins in the entertainment industry included Flash, FOX, and Kayo Sport, in addition to securing leadership development consultancy Maximus, aircraft maintenance company Sigma Aerospace and agriculture company The Humble Hive Collective

Off the back of this client success, DBLSTR FLMS was born, a film division of DOUBLESTAR CO championing the belief that every brand has a story that deserves to be told. 

DBLSTR FLMS has partnered with Advanced Navigation, CMNL, Cartel, BodyWRL, Kayo Sport, Airtasker, Sigma Aerospace, MSC and Streamotion. The division predicts significant growth this year due to the increased demand for businesses seeking hyper-visual content. 

What do the milestones mean for DOUBLESTAR CO?

“The growth comes as a surprise and acknowledgement of our work to date. We launched DOUBLESTAR CO in March 2020, during a time of huge uncertainty, and made $200,000 in our first year of operations,” said Jye Smith, Founder and MD of DOUBLESTAR CO.

“In our second year we experienced 300% growth, turning over $750,000 and last year we cleared over $1.2m, experiencing 66% growth and margins increased to just under 20%.” 

“Partnering with dynamic businesses that are seeking transformation, we realised these brand stories we were crafting needed to be told visually, so much like the idea for the agency came about, we had this lightbulb moment and created DBLSTR FLMS,” Jye said. 

“We are going into 2023 excited to have experienced this incredible growth as a young company but with ambitious growth plans for the future,” Jye Smith further commented.

“We’re not trying to go up against the big brand agencies that charge a quarter of a million dollars per project, and we were doing much more diverse things. We look forward to collaborating with new clients this year and delivering beautiful work and high-quality results, while growing our team and film division,” Jye Smith further added. 

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