Founders of Equity Mates launch new book guiding readers on how to invest

Left to Right: Bryce Leske and Alec Renehan, co-founders of Equity Mates Media
Left to Right: Bryce Leske and Alec Renehan, co-founders of Equity Mates Media

Australian investment podcasters Alec Renehan and Bryce Leske, co-founders of the Equity Mates Media podcast network, announced that they have launched their second book. ‘Don’t Stress, Just Invest’ is a book written to help explain the absolute simplest way to invest in the stock market and explain why this straightforward, automated strategy is enough.

What can readers expect from the new book?

Learning how to invest and thinking about your financial future is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With new platforms and technologies, we can now start investing from 1 cent (yes, literally 1 cent), can invest in thousands of companies in one transaction and automate it all so we can become lifelong investors with one click. This book will show you how.

It has been written to be a step-by-step guide to capturing all of the wealth-creating benefits of the stock market without dedicating hours or days to becoming an investor. It is designed to be the only investing book you’ll ever have to read. So read it, set up your automated investments and then get on with your life. Also, it is an exploration of why this simple and consistent style of investing is enough to set yourself up for a comfortable financial future.

Money is stressful. Especially in the current economic environment. But your investing doesn’t have to be. Take control of your financial future with these few simple steps.

Who are the targets of the new book?

This book is targeted at new investors. In particular, new investors that want to put their money to work and benefit from the stock market but aren’t interested in becoming lifelong investors. But investors of all levels can benefit from reminding themselves of the basics of investing and generally thinking about what is enough when it comes to money.

“With the first book, we were just so excited to be writing a book and everything was new. We really just shared everything we had learned about money and investing over four years of hosting Equity Mates and interviewing hundreds of expert investors,” Bryce Leske said.

“With the second book, we knew what to expect. And we wrote it because we wanted to write something that was more practical and more targeted,” Bryce Leske further added.

“Rather than sharing everything we’ve learned, we wanted to write a much more practical guide for our friends and family members that don’t spend their time listening to investing podcasts and reading investing books. We wanted to write the one-stop shop for them to get the information they needed to take advantage of the stock market and nothing more.”

What does the future hold for Equity Mates Media?

“We are just so proud that we’ve been able to build our own business. It still surprises us that people listen to us but it means a lot when we hear our podcasts or our books have helped people take the next step of their financial journeys,” Bryce Leske further commented.

“We’ve learned so much and we’ve become so passionate about financial education and making financial opportunities available to all. We still believe that the basics of money and investing should be taught in school, but until it is, we’ll keep playing our small part.”

“We’ve just launched our 10th podcast in the Equity Mates Media network. Now with 10 podcasts, 3 email newsletters and 2 books, we’ll probably take a quick holiday. But after that, I think we’ll just keep working to make the world of finance more accessible for everyday Australians. That’ll be more content and some other tools and resources to help Australians understand and take advantage of the opportunities out there to build wealth.”