Domino’s Pizza recognizes Macquarie Telecom at its annual partners awards

Macquarie Telecom, part of Macquarie Telecom Group, was announced as Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited’s Technology Partner of the Year at its Business Partners Awards on the Gold Coast. Domino’s Business Partner Awards are part of its ANZ Rally, an event during which Domino’s showcases successful franchise owners, business processes and latest tech.

Why did Macquarie Telecom win its category?

Macquarie Telecom provides nbn, a VoIP phone system and SD-WAN with 4G backup services to Domino’s Aussie stores. This allows franchisees to deliver fast and reliable customer service and ensures teams have the digital foundation in place to roll out new technology.

When granting the award, Domino’s Group CTO Matthias Hansen highlighted the ease with which Macquarie’s local team can be contacted for support, and innovative services such as SD-WAN, which have provided an invaluable glimpse into customer behaviour. “Whenever our teams encounter a hiccup with their technology, we know someone from Macquarie will be on the phone within minutes, helping us through it at any time of the day or night,” he said.

Matthias Hansen, Chief Technology Officer at Domino’s Group

“This has allowed us to make good on our service promises, and given us the confidence to roll out new initiatives. The addition of SD-WAN, in particular, has enabled our teams to have visibility over the order system. They can see the source of traffic – whether it’s phone, point of sale or online – and prioritise the apps as they need them by ramping up the bandwidth.”

What does the recognition mean for Macquarie Telecom?

The award was presented to Paul Larkin, Queensland State Manager for Macquarie Telecom. On the win, Paul said: “Domino’s has a long-standing reputation for delivering hot & fresh food quickly to Australians, and technology has always played a big part in this experience.”

“When Domino’s online orders spiked, they called on the services of Macquarie, another homegrown company, to meet and exceed the challenge. It’s been re-affirming to see the difference our services are making, with clients enjoying higher quality of voice connections and internet speeds, which has making it easier for them to communicate and place orders.”