docStribute and Mia-Platform launch service for more secure instant loans

Mia-Platform, an end-to-end platform builder that empowers businesses to smoothly create cloud-native applications, has extended its partnership with London-based RegTech startup, docStribute, to launch a new application for financial services businesses to offer faster, more secure lending. The service will be available through Mia-FinTech, Mia-Platform’s vertical solution focused on developing capabilities and solutions specifically for the finance sector. 

What does the expanded alliance mean for clients?

Through this partnership, businesses can now leverage docStribute’s digital signing solution, dSign, as well as its shared document distribution software, dSend, on the Mia-FinTech marketplace to enable the distribution of regulated documents using immutable hyperlinks.

The regulated documents are completely secure and can be shared by email, SMS and instant messaging. And if all application parameters are met and credit checks and compliance screening are successful, the loan can be dispersed immediately with high security. 

This is in contrast to existing practices across highly regulated industries such as financial services that have traditionally needed to exchange official documents via a physical format, delaying the decision-making process when businesses are applying for customer loans. 

This latest application is just one of several services facilitated by Mia-Platform and docStribute to better operations for their customers; other services include the secure storage and sharing of documents during the digital onboarding process, improved decision-making with open banking analytics, and archiving and sharing digital payment receipts. 

What does this mean for Mia-Platform and docStribute?

Bruno Natoli, Chief Executive Officer at Mia-FinTech
Bruno Natoli, Chief Executive Officer at Mia-FinTech

Bruno Natoli, CEO at Mia-FinTech said: “This new offer to speed up the processing of loans will deliver significant benefits to the increasing numbers of businesses embracing open banking components to offer more financial options to their customers at the point of sale.”

“These include reducing costs and streamlining the loan application process to deliver immediate decisions, all with guarantees of full compliance and security. This innovative technology will support our clients operating in regulated industries to simplify and accelerate the processes of distribution and sharing of documents when offering instant loans.” 

Chris Ansara, CEO at docStribute, said: “We launched dSign and dSend to give businesses a secure digital signing and document distribution tool, and as we look to make our solutions even more accessible to firms, Mia-Platform’s marketplaces makes them the ideal partner.”

“We’re delighted to extend this already-fruitful partnership by continuing to work alongside the team at Mia-Platform as we transform the finance industry by providing an easy and intuitive solution to inefficient and unsustainable physical signing,” Chris Ansara added.

Mia-FinTech is based on Mia-Platform’s innovative technology and facilitates developers, platform engineers and CIOs in developing and operating modern apps on Kubernetes. It helps clients cover the full lifecycle of cloud-native applications through continuous integration and continuous deployment (CICD), microservices development, API management, centralised internal developer portal and total Kubernetes management from all providers. 

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