DIYBA, Australia’s pioneering DIY property investment platform launches

Darren Venter and Bobby Haeri, Co-founders of DIBYA
Darren Venter and Bobby Haeri, Co-founders of DIBYA

PropTech startup DIYBA (Do It Yourself Buyer’s Agency) announced the launch of its first-of-a-kind platform allowing Australians to be their own buyer’s agent. By combining expert industry knowledge, the latest property data – powered by PropTrack and Domain – and cutting-edge AI tech, DIYBA gives its buyers exclusive access to invest like the pros, for a fraction of the cost.

What is the offering of DIYBA on the Australian market?

The DIYBA (Do It Yourself Buyer’s Agency) platform is a first for the Australian property market and aims to democratise access to industry knowledge and expert guidance in a move that will allow more Australians to get a foot in the market with more strategic investment purchases.

Co-founded by buyer’s agents and investment property experts, Darren Venter and Bobby Haeri, it was created to give investors knowledge and tools they need to make smarter investment decisions through a platform driven by live, crucial data and industry expertise.

DIYBA’s self-serve platform has a three-step process:

  • Finding strategic investments: The DIYBA algorithm plays AI matchmaker by serving up a curated feed of high-performing assets from the strongest markets across Australia based on a user’s input on budget and investment objectives. All markets and property formats are strategically pre-qualified by leading industry experts and given a DIYBA score which recommends them based on data-driven factors including market growth, gross yield and potential return.

Buyers will be able to filter markets by their preferred price or investment objective and use DIYBA’s platform market profiles — with available median prices, demographic data, infrastructure information and so much more — to understand the potential of each market.

  • Making the purchase: Once a buyer has their finances sorted, they can be guided through the purchase process by following DIYBA’s step- by-step buying plan. This plan will guide buyers’ due diligence and purchase validation and covers areas like pest & building, flood & fire zones, rental rates, and insurance cost with an actionable to-do list that breaks down each step and simplifies the process.
  • Managing the investment portfolio: DIYBA’s dashboard allows investors to manage their new investment purchase and import existing properties into one easy to navigate online portfolio. This portfolio allows investors to find data updates about their potential equity, cash flow projections and yield percentages. They’ll also receive alerts once their equity target has been reached in case, they’re looking to expand their portfolio.

DIYBA offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans starting for as little as $299p/m and an option to fast track the process with DIYBA’s done-for-you service. Buy By DIYBA, is available for those who’d prefer a professional buying team to handle the purchase process.

What did the DIYBA executives have to say?

Darren Venter said, “We want to make property investment simple and accessible. The costs involved with a buyer’s agency can put the investment path out of reach for everyday investors and relying on Google to guide your purchases can be a very risky rabbit hole to go down.”

“There are learning opportunities and courses that teach people how to search for investment property markets that cost thousands of dollars, DIYBA not only dings the markets, but the best properties inside them for a fraction of that hefty price. We know Australians love a DIY project, so we’re giving our buyers the opportunity to navigate the journey on their own terms, while still accessing up-to-date, leading insights. It’s going to be an absolute game changer.”

Bobby Haeri said, “Through our work as buyer’s agents, we know that Australians are finding it extremely difficult to get their foot in the property market at the moment. A large percentage of people are turning to reinvesting for their first purchase, but the associated fees of seeking professional advice can leave many people stranded and making ill-informed, costly decisions.”

“We have created a platform that might put us out of a job one day! It’s all about democratising access to the same insights that buyers would have through an in-person buyer’s agency experience as well as digitising it so they can DIY the process at only the touch of a button.”


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