Aussie digital wallet platform Beem It rebrands to embrace bigger role

Mark Britt, Chief Executive Officer at Beem

Australia’s home-grown digital wallet has unveiled a sleek new name and a fresh new look, as it readies to deliver consumers and merchants a swag of must-have features and cut-through experiences over coming months. Now used by more than 1.5 million customers, the brand and app formerly known as “Beem It” will from today be known simply, stylishly and easily as “Beem” in an ongoing push to keep things elegant and delightful for users.

What is the motive behind the rebrand?

“We’ve been Beem It for a long time and as we keep evolving and adding new functionality to the app, saying ‘Beem It’ just didn’t roll off the tongue or encapsulate who we want to be. It was time to shed the IT and make way for an all-new Beem, which fits perfectly our aspiration to become Australia’s digital marketplace,” commented Beem CEO Mark Britt.

The name and new look comes as Beem doubles down on ways to delight consumers and merchants alike, having launched Beem Rewards as a first step last month with over 500 merchants and brands flocking to the platform created for Australian consumers and brands.

“Beem Rewards exemplifies new capabilities that will propel the already successful digital wallet into exciting new experiences well beyond social payments functionality. It helps consumers support Aussie businesses and perhaps get something back in return,” Britt said.

“Aussies understand it’s time to back local businesses. Beem Rewards gives businesses a potent new platform to connect with customers and foster better understood relationships.”

What plans does Beem have in the pipeline?

Beem has plans to build a digital marketplace that aims to deliver on the needs of consumers and merchants, and flourish through facilitating exceptional customer experiences.

The new Beem look, mononym and brand narrative has been brought to life by renowned designer Not Washington whose clients include YouTube TV, SBS Food Network and LA Confidential. The new slanting of the “m” makes the brand feel continual, and represents the start of the conversation while also giving sense of movement and dynamism.

“We know Australia is at the cutting edge of Fintech excellence of late, especially around customer centric design and user experience excellence. That is because Australians are continually demanding and discerning digital customers,” Britt further commented.

“Right now our team is working hard in the development trenches, creating an even better Beem – this means constantly evolving to elevate payment experiences. The new look and name is just the beginning of some great things coming. Watch this space!” Britt concluded.