Melbourne Business School and FourthRev launch digital marketing program via Semrush Academy

An innovative program aims to narrow Australia’s digital marketing skills gap as Melbourne Business School Online partners with FourthRev to launch a Career Accelerator in digital marketing strategy and analytics. The program has been designed and delivered with Melbourne’s academics, Semrush Academy and other industry experts to combine academic rigour with real-world application to prepare marketing leaders for a data-driven future.

Why is the Career Accelerator a timely one?

Registrations are open for those interested in the Digital Marketing: Analytics and Strategy Career Accelerator at Melbourne Business School Online, the online learning destination launched by the home of Australia’s foremost MBA and business analytics degrees. This marks the first introduction of the Career Accelerator to Australia, initially launched at prestigious institutions in the UK: the London School of Economics and King’s College London.

The entry of this Career Accelerator is timely given the scale of Australia’s digital skills crisis in the post-pandemic landscape. Australia’s digital skills gap is estimated to be costing $3.1bn per year, with 58% of employers lacking a workforce with the right digital skillset to grow their businesses. The digital industry is expected to grow by 8.1% over the next decade. 

The Digital Marketing Career Accelerator program offers a varied curriculum that addresses major gaps in the digital marketing workforce and prepares those with limited experience in marketing, branding or communications to become employer-ready in six months. 

What does the initiative mean for stakeholders?

Ping Xiao, Associate Professor of Marketing at Melbourne Business School, said, “We have developed these online programs with the intention of giving learners an opportunity for sustained career progression. The Career Accelerator model allows us to partner intimately with world-leading industry practitioners and bring their authentic challenges into the programs, to ensure students achieve tangible job outcomes and work-ready capabilities.” 

Omar de Silva, FourthRev Co-founder & Co-CEO, said, “Australia needs to train its workforce to meet the real-time demands and expectations of the modern-day digital economy.”

Omar de Silva, Co-founder and Co-CEO at FourthRev
Omar de Silva, Co-founder and Co-CEO at FourthRev

“Learners will become equipped with the knowledge and skills to define strategic goals and objectives, critically evaluate approaches, optimise functional performance, make data-driven decisions and communicate insights and recommendations to key stakeholder groups, which will help them to advance their organisation’s commercial objectives,” Omar de Silva said.

“A Career Coach works with every learner throughout the program, on a one-to-one basis, to ensure they build the right mindset and confidence needed to advance their career.” 

Commenting on the accelerator program, Maria Sevastianova, Head of Semrush Academy, said, “The power of digital marketing strategy and analytics is undeniable – and essential to any business’ growth. Appropriately skilled marketers can help their company achieve long-term viability, which is why career acceleration is crucial in this dynamic industry.”

“Semrush Academy grabbed the opportunity to collaborate with FourthRev and Melbourne Business School as we believe it will produce digital professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to help organisations drive change and achieve business objectives.”  

The first cohort of the program starts on 3 July 2023. For more, download a program brochure or book a call with an enrolment advisor here or register directly hereUpon completion of the course, learners will receive a certificate from Melbourne Business School.