Dialpad expands open app ecosystem with integrations and partnerships

Sangeeta Walsh, Vice President Strategic Alliances at Dialpad

Dialpad, Inc., the artificial intelligence-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform, announced innovations to its open app ecosystem that allow clients to easily integrate their apps and workflows into one workspace to drive productivity, improve their customer and employee experiences, and customize workflows for better communication and collaboration.

What does the Dialpad App bring to enterprises?

Robust App Marketplace

The Dialpad App Partner program gives technology partners the ability to work with Dialpad to help users increase customer satisfaction, drive productivity with artificial intelligence (AI), and support customer and agent workflows. New and existing partners include Google, Theta Lake, and Front. In addition, Dialpad’s updated App Marketplace provides customers with an easy way to search and discover integrations by business use case or vertical.

New Integrations with Vital Business Applications

Dialpad’s App Marketplace will include integrated apps such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics, Bullhorn, ServiceNow, HubSpot, and the new Google ChromeOS Desk Connector.

These apps along with Dialpad’s integrations place a wide net covering different verticals, needs, and personas that satisfy clients by streamlining daily tasks into a single pane.

Open APIs and Easy to Create Automations

Clients can extend and customize workflows for their business needs through Dialpad’s no code, low code (pre-built framework), and advanced code APIs. Dialpad’s robust APIs include Ai Agent Assist Automation framework, Ai-generated transcriptions, call logging, SMS, etc.

For example, agents can conduct searches in natural language via versatile applications that can retrieve complex or hard-to-access data, such as Sharepoint, within one interface without switching browser screens, shortening response time.

Agents can also easily add or build mission-critical tools, like customized automation that provides them with a powerful calculator-like tool, in the same customer support interface they use daily. This gives agents quick access to price adjustments and shorter quote cycles.

Today’s hybrid work environment is driving demand for streamlined workflows, ease of use, and agility to boost productivity. The average enterprise uses nearly 300 SaaS apps (Vendr, 2020), and the siloed data it creates across organizations has skyrocketed. 

Switching between applications that don’t speak to one another and have different data silos can cause inefficiencies and disjointed communication between employees and customers.

Why is the Dialpad App expansion a timely feature?

“Dialpad has long developed on Google, and is an active Chrome Enterprise Recommended partner,” said Gregg Fiddes, Head of Chrome Technology Partnerships at Google.

“We are delighted to see Dialpad prioritize technical development efforts on the Chrome Platform by integrating with our innovative Contact Center APIs, like ChromeOS Desk Connector, and finding new ways to bridge our tech with customer-first workflows in mind.”

“Developers have the ability to take advantage of Dialpad’s Ai stack and develop applications that integrate seamlessly with Dialpad. The opportunity is ripe with the addition of new integrated apps on Dialpad’s App Marketplace and partnerships with several top technology companies,” said Brian Peterson, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Dialpad.

“We know customer needs aren’t always one size fits all, and we’re excited about the possibilities that Dialpad’s Ai combined with developers’ apps will bring clients in the future.”

“By reimagining its app marketplace, developer portals and partner programs, Dialpad is keeping true to its mission of delivering smarter integrated EX and CX through its Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform,” said Michael Brandenburg, Senior Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

“The open ecosystem enables clients and partners to leverage the Dialpad platform to solve their communications workflow and engagement challenges, but also let clients tap into unique Ai-powered and cloud-native API capabilities to drive even more complex use cases.”

“Our partnerships with companies like Google open up integration options for us to bring mutual clients more flexibility to meet their individual business needs. We’re focused on growing the Dialpad App Partner program and App Marketplace to increase efficiencies for our customers and their employees,” said Sangeeta Walsh, VP, Strategic Alliances at Dialpad.

Dialpad is also the only Ai-powered customer intelligence company that closely partners across many Google business sectors – Google Cloud, Google Chrome, and Android.

“We’re really excited to become a user of the ChromeOS Desk Connector with Dialpad. Integrations like this will continue to drive productivity for our agents and save response time for our customers,” said Allie Handman, Director of Customer Experience at Five Iron Golf.

Dialpad’s Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform has harnessed more than 3.5 billion minutes of real-time Ai data, seamlessly combining the most advanced Ai Contact Center, Ai Sales, Ai Voice, Ai Meetings, and Ai Messaging solutions in one with industry-leading accuracy.

Dialpad Ai uses built-in speech recognition and natural language processing to deliver real-time Ai CSAT scores and insights, and automate employee and customer workflows. To learn more about Dialpad’s Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform, visit dialpad.com, the Open App Ecosystem Launch blog, and follow along on TwitterLinkedInFacebook, and Instagram.