Dialpad announces strategic partnership with MIA Distribution

Brad Milne, Managing Director, MIA Distribution

Dialpad, Inc., an AI-powered communication and collaboration, announced its partnership with MIA Distribution, a distributor of unified communications as a service (UCaaS).

With this partnership, Dialpad expands its reach throughout Australia and MIA Distribution broadens its portfolio with Dialpad’s TrueCaaS™ solution, offering both business communications and customer engagement on a single AI-driven platform.

MIA Distribution and Dailpad to provide a best fit solution

“We are thrilled with the new Dialpad partnership. It is the first partnership of its kind and an exceptional milestone for Dialpad and MIA Distribution. Dialpad’s innovative cloud platform and unique product suite allows clients to implement the solutions that best fit and support their customers,” said Brad Milne, Managing Director, MIA Distribution.

“Partnering with Dialpad expands our ability to provide first-rate choices to our resellers and we look forward to additional growth and success as a result of this partnership.”

Dialpad’s TrueCaaS solution is a device-agnostic cloud communications platform that delivers enterprise-grade business communications and collaboration for companies of all sizes.

Dialpad and MIA Distribution to simplify user experience

Dialpad simplifies the end-user experience, enabling clients to work beautifully from anywhere. Investing heavily in its proprietary AI in Australian English, Dialpad combines automated speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP), to deliver call coaching, automated note-taking, sentiment tracking, and transcription analysis.

“Australia is a key market and we are excited to partner with MIA Distribution in the business communications market,” said Gerard D’Onofrio, Country Manager, Australia, Dialpad.

“This partnership allows Dialpad to deliver dynamic solutions to a wide range of partners, resellers, MSPs, telecommunications service providers and carriers, and support large and complex, multi-site rollouts throughout the region on Dialpad approved/compatible devices.”

Whereas Dialpad is immediately available through its partnership with MIA Distribution, the subsequent launch events will be held in Sydney and Melbourne in April.