DHL Express integrates AI-powered marketing with Pixis for top impact

Neel Pandya, Chief Executive Officer EMEA & APAC at Pixis

Global logistics powerhouse DHL Express deployed Pixis’ codeless artificial intelligence tech to boost demand generation and observed a 35% increase in clickthrough rates within the first month. The logistics leader, which leverages multiple channels for customer acquisitions, has been making strides in harnessing AI, as the scale of its campaigns grow globally.

How effective is Pixis’ codeless AI solutions?

Pixis’ codeless AI infrastructure enabled DHL Express to monitor campaigns and scale growth by exploiting market trends at the right time, targeting the right audiences through real-time AI-led insights, and serving them with the creative recommendations at the right time.

When campaigns were underpinned by artificial intelligence insights the brand achieved 4X cost efficiency compared to its prior approach. DHL Express also observed an uptick in the quality of leads generated by tapping into previously unexplored high-intent audience groups.

Sanup Pillai, Global Head of Digital Marketing & Martech at DHL Express said: “We found Pixis to be a non-biased infrastructure with powerful cross-platform capabilities. We were able to easily integrate Pixis into our marketing channels, CRM, and attribution platforms to begin deriving insights. We were able to reach the right audience at the right time, and at scale – allowing us to free up resources to concentrate on strategy and other value-addition efforts.”

Pixis believes that easy AI deployment and intuitive user flows are essential in democratizing AI for marketers. Having solved those problems through their plugin deployment method, the company also focuses on educating and guiding users to steer the AI on their own.

Sanup added: “When it comes to adopting any new tech, integration and active usage are the usual hurdles to overcome. With Pixis, we had none of those teething troubles. We were able to deploy the codeless AI within minutes through a plugin and the AI was activated.”

Why was the solutions a critical addition for DHL?

For DHL Express, bridging the strategy-execution gap entailed shifting away from manual campaign monitoring and optimization, adjusting and fine-tuning budgets, and recalibrating the outcome of campaigns across channels. Pixis’ AI infrastructure enabled DHL Express to scale campaigns without increasing marketing spend through AI-led predictive analysis.

Introducing Pixis’ codeless AI to their tech stack enabled DHL to reduce manual dependencies across their demand-generation efforts. Given that the Pixis AI is self-learning and highly adaptable, DHL Express plans to apply it more broadly. In his concluding note, Sanup said: “We are pleased with the results and we look forward to leveraging AI for more campaigns.”

“DHL Express maintains its position as a global leader in the logistics domain by adopting and fusing advanced tech in its business approach. DHL Express’ growth and tangible outcome is a testament of how AI can positively impact businesses. It’s been rewarding to witness DHL’s journey with the Pixis AI infrastructure.” said Neel Pandya, CEO – EMEA & APAC at Pixis.