The vital features to consider as you develop a logistics/transportation app

Transportation and logistics apps have been around for a long time and several businesses use them. With rapid advancements in tech, there is immense potential for this type of app. Apps developed with tech like AI/ML, AR/VR, etc. can work wonders for your business.

The use of these apps in business is on the rise and this trend is expected to remain so for some time to come. In fact, using smartphones for transportation and logistics services is the ideal method to build consumer trust. This article provides more information on logistics app development and the list of essential features such an app should have.

What is the popular tech used for a logistic app?

A mobile app for the purpose of logistics is similar to any other type of mobile application besides the unique elements it possesses. Hence the technologies being used are no different either. It depends a great deal on the type of features you wish to include in your application.

Some of the popular technologies are as listed here:

This type of app takes advantage of AI for intelligent transportation, route planning, tracking and automation. It offers businesses advanced analytics and real-time visibility of their operations. The supply chain is a vital sector and it is also a highly competitive one.

It allows for quick access to data. There are already many such apps out there that offer this type of functionality. For example, apps like Logistics, Scandit, CoPilot Truck are feature-rich apps to help manage logistics and transportation industries. Apps like these can help improve productivity, reduce the amount of documentation necessary and improve your profitability.

However, apps like these often do not have key features that your business requires. Each business is set up differently, on the other hand, apps are usually generic. Developing a tailor-made app for the features you offer and unique operations often works out more beneficial.

What are the top features an app must include?

Businesses can develop an app with a wide range of features depending on their business. Some of the common features this type of app should have are listed here:

  1. Drivers can sign up and maintain their profiles within the system and use AI & ML tools to help prepare the ideal vehicle and order allocation after extensive analysis.
  2. The system will place shipping requests and assign it appropriately.
  3. Analyse the best route after considering all possible issues using AI. Drivers can also navigate using the smart navigation tool and maps.
  4. Drivers have access to updated traffic information to ensure they are not delayed.
  5. Each shipment will have extensive data; this information is also made available at a click of a button. This includes information like source, destination, estimated time of arrival (ETA), payment & recipient information and much more.
  6. The app allows users to log the proof of delivery using various techniques like photo capture, signature capture or barcode scanning.
  7. A mobile app can also be used to send instant notifications. Hence an app like this should ideally have a feature where their driver can be notified dynamically for modification to orders, new shipment order, and other messages.
  8. Admins too will have a dashboard where they can view the details and progress of each shipment and track them in real-time.
  9. Admins will have the ability to manage the fleet of trucks and drivers.
  10. In the backend dashboard the administrator will also generate reports after extensive analysis and use AI/ML for this purpose.
  11. Manage orders from the admin dashboard and get the over picture of business activity.
  12. Users will access a digital gallery for the purpose of viewing photos, documents and scans.
  13. Admins, drivers and customers can use the messaging feature to solve their queries in real-time and send important messages across.
  14. Customers get real-time notifications of the status of the shipment.
  15. The drivers can log their daily activities for the admin to keep track and generate reports.
  16. An offline feature that allows drivers to find their way if they happen to lose Internet connectivity due to some reason. They can still perform essential tasks using the app.

What are the tips to consider for logistics app?

  • Determine the main purpose of building a transportation app; depending on the nature of your business. Depending on the business you might need an app that focuses on fleet management, ride-hailing, logistic management, warehousing, customer-focused, etc.
  • Research online prior to selecting a firm for transportation app development. It is a good practice to refer to the reviews & testimonials and also inspect their previous projects by browsing through their portfolio.
  • It is vital you establish a target audience like the customers, drivers for the administrator.
  • An app can have many different features, some of which have been mentioned in this article. Deterring the features, you wish to include in your app.
  • Mobile app developers will have knowledge of a wide range of tech including the current ones. They are the best people to consult when choosing the tech stack for your project.

What are the benefits of transportation app?

There are many businesses that offer logistics and transportation services; this is an essential service. It typically involves having to deal with a wide range of issues that can be better managed using the software. Smartphones happen to be handier and easy to use hence the best solution would be to develop a mobile application that simulates the common process.

Businesses can benefit in many ways by developing an app like this. It will help them save valuable time on mundane tasks by optimising with the use of an app. Besides being a good solution to improve productivity it is also the best method to reduce operational costs.

Some of the basic tasks like vehicle tracking, real-time shipment details, communication tools, etc. are in the palm of your hands. It has to deal with tons of paperwork any day and allows for a more efficient fleet & warehouse management. Get in touch with a professional mobile app development firm today for logistics app development to make your life easier.


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