Deutsche Telekom selects Juniper Networks as its preferred tech partner

Juniper Networks, a n AI-driven networks firm, has been selected by Deutsche Telekom (DT) as the first network technology partner for Magenta Business Networks SD-X. By leveraging the Juniper AI-driven Enterprise solution, DT’s innovative new universal managed services platform will power exceptional user experiences with simplified zero touch deployments, proactive self-driving automation, connected security and unique client-to-cloud insight.

What does Juniper bring to the partnership?

SD-X is a cloud-based, virtualized and automated platform that will provide a rapid, simplified and cost-effective transition from MPLS to software-defined network services for thousands of European enterprises, including small-to-midsize organizations (SMEs) that might otherwise find the cost and complexity of owned infrastructure to be prohibitive.

Juniper is providing DT with advanced tech to create a secure, software-driven network fabric that uses AI to provide insights on real-time performance coupled with automated mitigation.

This approach enables SD-X to deliver optimal user, device and application experiences to its customers as they navigate digital transformation in support of agile, differentiated business capabilities. The managed services offered provide secure networking for campus and branch environments, enabling rich new service functionality and enhanced performance.

“With the relentless pace and demands of modern businesses, our customers need managed services that optimize user experiences while minimizing operational costs,” commented Sherif Rezkalla, Vice President Portfolio, Head of Business Networks, Deutsche Telekom.

“We have built SD-X as a gateway to accessible, progressive enterprise networking without the need for advanced in-house capabilities and technical resources. DT’s vision is made possible thanks to Juniper’s innovation with AI, automation and the cloud, which creates an agile network for our customers that is highly differentiated in the industry,” Sherif added.

Magenta Business Networks SD-X will leverage Juniper’s full AI-driven Enterprise portfolio, starting with secure SD-WAN and expanding to wired and wireless access. The Juniper solution provides client-to-cloud service levels with AI-driven intelligence to optimize and maintain the best user experiences. With AI-driven insight, problems are proactively discovered via recommended actions and/or self-driving network operations.

This minimizes downtime while maximizing end user experiences. Zero touch provisioning with automated workflows enable the SD-X solution services to be pre-configured and easily deployed remotely, saving time and money while minimizing installation errors. The time for network services to be up-and-running is reduced from weeks or months to just a few days.

What does this mean for Deutsche Telekom clients?

In addition, Deutsche Telekom clients can easily change network policies and security settings remotely at any time using a cloud-hosted SD-X portal, with no manual intervention or site visits needed. Simultaneous updates can be made across a customer’s entire network, so consistent policies are applied between sites. By leveraging a microservices cloud, DT can easily update services across the entire Juniper portfolio with little to no downtime.

“DT has embraced the powerful value of intelligent networks with SD-X. This highly-scalable business model is more cost-effective than traditional approaches, while providing the agility and ease of use customers demand,” said Manoj Leelanivas, COO, Juniper Networks.

“In turn, these customers can use SD-X as the foundation for an experience-driven digital business for their own customers and employees. We look forward to working with DT to roll out more managed services across SD-X to deliver a game-changing networking experience.”

The network is the digital lifeblood of today’s enterprise, requiring anywhere, anytime access between users and data. But increased traffic, diversity in devices and distributed location of users can make it extremely challenging to deliver great experiences from client-to cloud.

By deploying “smart” AI-driven networking tech from Juniper that understands user behavior in real-time and automatically optimize the network to cut costs and maximize experiences, SD-X is able to deliver a differentiated and compelling managed service to its subscribers.