DesignCrowd is a milestone achiever with one million registered designers

Alec Lynch, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd, one of the world’s largest creative design marketplaces, has announced that it has reached the milestone of one million registered designers on its global platform.

The Australian crowdsourcing start-up has a network of 1,004,000 freelance designers, which has grossed a combined income of over $62 million since the company’s launch in 2008.

DesignCrowd experiences exponential growth

The designers have created over 26 million designs for hundreds of thousands of customers.

DesignCrowd’s designers’ clientelle ranges from local small and medium businesses to global brands like Virgin, Amnesty International and Harvard Business School, across 195 countries.

DesignCrowd was founded by Australian entrepreneur, Alec Lynch.

The company has experienced rapid growth to become a leading global crowd sourcing platform with over $20m in venture capital including a $10m pre-IPO fundraising.

The raise will accelerate the growth of its subsidiary DIY branding platform, BrandCrowd.

With the global freelance economy expected to surpass $455bn by 2023, people all over the world are embracing the flexibility and autonomy that freelance roles provide.

Having grown 32% prior to the pandemic and skyrocketing in the lockdowns, the Australian gig economy supplemented incomes and provided a main source of income to many.

DesignCrowd’s milestone is clearly indicative of a changing global economy, characterised by the rise in ‘on-demand’ services, thus resulting in steady growth for the company.

Executive commentary from DesignCrowd

Alec Lynch, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DesignCrowd clarified on their growth.

“We are proud to work with a rapidly growing global community of talented and engaged creators that are helping people in Australia and globally to launch their businesses.”

“The pandemic resulted in many businesses closing their doors for good.”

“However, over the last year, a huge number of new small businesses and side hustles were launched with new logos from DesignCrowd and BrandCrowd, which are great to see.”

“New small businesses can help Australia and the world to recover from the pandemic.”

“Growing our network of talented freelance designers to this one million milestone globally means that we can support more businesses than ever before to launch their companies with the most creative and cost-effective designs available anywhere in the world,” Alec Lynch said.