DENZA applies DEVIALET car audio system in its new DENZA N7 model

Zhao Changjiang, General Manager of DENZA at the event
Zhao Changjiang, General Manager of DENZA at the event

On 22nd March 2023, the DENZA x DEVIALET Cooperation Kick-off Evening was held at the Bay Opera of Shenzhen. At the event, DENZA and DEVIALET jointly unveiled the DENZA N7, the world’s first mass-produced model coming with the DEVIALET car audio system. This cooperation witnesses DENZA become the first brand to apply DEVIALET’s audio system and serves as a paradigm of international cooperation in the global automotive industry.

What is the audio specifications of DENZA N7?

DENZA N7 comes with a new acoustic system that offers Hi-Fi sounds with cutting-edge tech and creates an intelligent music cockpit offering an immersive and pleasant sound experience.

The tailor-made speaker in DENZA N7 can create an expansive yet precise sound field while preserving Hi-Fi precision. The SAM® (Speaker Active Matching) tech is employed to produce ultra-low frequencies down to 20Hz, creating a powerful bass performance. The DEVIALET SPACE tech is used to deliver stereo sound effects and create an immersive ambiance.

The SDVC (Speed Dependent Volume Control) tech unique to DEVIALET provides automatic volume adjustment depending on the speed of the vehicle. DENZA N7 is where auto-design aesthetics meets with the art of acoustics. It features a look that inherits the DENZA family’s design language, π-Motion. The golden ratio of 0.618 and the design of the long wheelbase combined with short front and rear suspensions render an elegant yet sporty body.

The “Meteor Arrow” symbol running through the body presents a sharp-cut vibrant mark that is easy to identify. The front of N7 looks like a “bullet” pointing forward, creating a feeling of high speed. The waistlines are the perfect embodiment of the π-Motion design language as well. Fluent and graceful, the curved surface is seemingly poised to rein the wind. The one-piece through taillight strip extends to both sides, making it look as wide as a shooting brake.

What does this mean for DEVIALET and DENZA?

Franck Lebouchard, Chief Executive Officer of DEVIALET

Franck Lebouchard, CEO of DEVIALET, said, “This is a collaboration between two market leaders with a mission to redefine sound experiences in mobility. Our partnership with DENZA marks a partnership concluded with a future leading player in the automotive market.”

Zhao Changjiang, General Manager of DENZA, said: “High-quality music brings users enjoyment of life, and intelligent music cockpit is the standard element for the new luxury.”

Zhao Changjiang said: “As a unique all-electric shooting brake, DENZA N7 brings perceived value that outstrips oil-fueled luxury SUVs and takes the exterior design of electric SUVs to the next level.” Amid a new wave of internationalization, DENZA will align with more premium brands across multiple sectors, enrich the aesthetic meaning of luxury life, and bring an intelligent, accessible, and comfortable mobility experience to global users.