Denodo releases new subscriptions aimed at helping mid-market firms

Angel Viña, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Denodo

Denodo, a data management company, recently announced two new subscriptions of its award-winning Denodo Platform that are designed to help small and mid-market businesses to start with a small departmental use case and then expand to multiple use cases within the company.

Available on leading cloud marketplaces, the new subscriptions align with Denodo customers’ cloud migration and adoption initiatives by allowing organizations to purchase them directly from their cloud marketplace of choice (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform).

What are Denodo’s new subscriptions?

These new subscriptions enable medium-sized organizations to harness better value through rapid deployment and data utilization while fitting their project and budgetary needs without requiring extensive time and resources to support real-time data analytics and data services.

Denodo Professional

Leverages the same high performance, modern data virtualization tech & no-code/low-code web-based design studio to speed time-to-insight & accelerate data services for mid-market customers who have limited budget & needs. Denodo Professional is best suited for getting started with small departmental projects with a limited number of five data sources.

Denodo Standard

Enables mid-market customers to expand to multiple operational and analytical use cases by allowing access to unlimited number of data sources. Also includes integrated version control.

What are the products offering the mid-market consumer?

These two new offerings, Denodo’s mid-market customers can easily enable popular use cases such as customer 360, BI reporting for Smart Analytics, Data-as-a-Service, & Marketing Analytics. Many of Denodo’s existing medium sized clients such as UltraMobile, GetSmarter, & Seacoast Bank, have realized immense value from investing in the new Platform.

Denodo has a 30-day free trial of the Denodo Professional subscription on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud marketplaces, to enable organizations try the Denodo Platform, before investing.

Once customers realize the initial value of rapid data integration and delivery, they can easily add on data management and automation with Denodo Enterprise and Enterprise Plus subscriptions, which offer data catalog, AI/ML, and advanced semantics capabilities and more.

“For fast-moving small & medium-sized businesses, gaining a unified view of their data for real-time actionable insights is imperative,” said Angel Viña, CEO, and Founder of Denodo.

“We have been helping many mid-market businesses with their departmental or organization-wide data integration and data management needs, We introduced the two new subscriptions to ensure our customers pay only for the functionalities they need. I am personally very pleased to see our customers’ excitement about these new subscriptions and am looking forward to seeing Denodo being an integral part of even more companies’ data-driven journey”