Magnite’s Demand Manager Mobile brings unified auction efficiency to mobile app publishers

Demand Manager Mobile - unified auction efficiency for app publishers

Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI), the largest independent omnichannel sell-side advertising platform, officially introduces Demand Manager Mobile. Mediahuis Nederland, Impala Studios and Slickdeals are among the first clients to integrate Demand Manager Mobile.

Built on the fully open source Prebid SDK, Demand Manager Mobile allows mobile app publishers to integrate the efficiency of a unified auction into their monetisation setup.

By simplifying everything from testing and verifying new bidders to changing auction meta settings, Demand Manager Mobile is a lightweight solution that makes the powerful performance of Prebid available to mobile app publishers without sacrificing app performance.

Publishers gain the advantage of connecting to multiple demand sources in a unified auction with no need to make app updates for Prebid configuration or bidder changes.

Using Demand Manager Mobile, mobile app publishers can add bids directly into their ad server on an exact CPM per impression basis, without disrupting their existing monetisation stack.

Additionally, this will provide mobile app publishers with new and unique demand sources without the need to resubmit to app stores or having end users update the app.

Demand Manager Mobile supports banners, interstitials, and various video formats: including interstitial video, outstream, and rewarded video.

What spurred the development of Demand Manager Mobile?

“We developed Demand Manager Mobile in response to app developers that were looking for lightweight, open source solutions that would help them break away from the constraints of the waterfall,” said Gareth Glaser, Senior Director of Product Management at Magnite.

“Demand Manager Mobile puts control of monetisation back in the hands of publishers and allows for true market competition for every single impression.”

“Demand Manager Mobile came at the right time as we were looking for a more efficient and transparent way to monetise our mobile inventory,” said Stephan Wagenaar, Product Manager at Mediahuis Nederland, publisher of De Telegraaf, the largest newspaper of the Netherlands.

“The Prebid SDK was easy to implement and the Magnite team provided exceptional support and guidance throughout the process. The robust reporting features are also very important to us.”

“We’re excited to use Demand Manager Mobile because we see this as a portal to desktop brand budgets that can compete in real time against our mobile-first solution,” said Frank List, CEO & Co-Founder of Impala Studios.

“We appreciate that Demand Manager, and PreBid in general, is built on open source, community-driven tech,” said Neil Arora, Director of Ad Operations and Strategic Partnerships at Slickdeals.

“Most of the unified auction solutions available today force you to rely on black box technology. With Demand Manager Mobile, we know that we are making decisions based on clear, transparent reporting.”