Demand for Amazon Fresh food delivery services increases ten-fold thanks to coronavirus [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the last two weeks, the number of searches for Amazon Fresh on Google increased tenfold in Germany – as can be seen on a new infographic by

When the quarantine was imposed, the score reached its peak value of 100 – the highest possible search volume.

Meanwhile, it’s not just Amazon’s grocery delivery service that’s being used. To cope with the rising demand, the corporation has opened 100,000 new positions.

Historically, Amazon’s stock exchange price losses were always comparatively small. In the last four weeks, Amazon’s stock price has dropped by 8.5% – far less than by other listed companies.

Facebook shares have lost 30% in value in the same timeframe.

According to the infographic, consumers are changing their shopping habits in the eye of the virus pandemic. 25% of US citizens said they prefer to order more online.

This could give Amazon’s already strong development further boost. Already in Q4 2019, the online retailer again surpassed the previous quarter by 25%.

“The data make it clear that Amazon will be one of the companies that will profit from this crisis, at least in short-term”, said Kryptoszene analyst Raphael Lulay.

“The development can also play into the hand of the corporation long-term. Some people that now order from Amazon Fresh have not even considered it in the past. They will likely remain loyal to the delivery service even after the pandemic is over”.