Delta Electronics wins the Australia-Taiwan Business Partnership Award

David Leal, Australian Country manager for Delta Electronics

Delta Electronics, a power and thermal management and smart energy-saving solutions firm, has won the 2022 Australia-Taiwan Business Partnership Award at the annual ANZCham Business Awards in Taipei, Taiwan for its contribution to business in Australia and deep partnerships with Aussie firms. Since entering Australia in 1996, Delta Electronics Pty Ltd has built a solid market presence with a broad product portfolio and local service network.

What is the market reach of Delta Electronics?

Today, the company is rapidly expanding its solutions for mission critical infrastructure, industrial automation and the renewable energy market including energy storage and EV charging. Delta Australia has offices in Sydney and Melbourne and more than 60 employees.

Delta continues to work with all the major Australian telecom companies to develop industry-leading power solutions to increase telecommunication network resilience countrywide. Delta has also in more recent years focused on large high-efficiency power and cooling solutions to support the expansion of the data centre industry throughout Australia and across the APAC.

Delta’s passion for energy efficiency and innovation continues to enrich its partnerships with Australian businesses day to day. With more the 70 R&D centres and over 9,000 R&D engineers worldwide, Delta is able to provide some of the most energy-efficient power products such as telecom power with up to 98 per cent efficiency that alone has helped global customers save over 390 million kWh of electricity in the past five years.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the award?

Mr Victor Cheng, Delta’s SVP and general manager of ICTBG (Information & Communication Technology Business Group), represented Delta to accept the prestigious award. He said, “Delta is honoured to win the 2022 Australia-Taiwan Business Partnership Award.”

“As climate change continues to impact the planet, we welcome collaboration with partners who share our passion for energy efficiency and commitment to sustainable energy. Delta will continue leveraging its global R&D capability and experience to support our Aussie partners.”

Country manager for Delta Electronics (Australia), Mr David Leal, was excited at winning this award celebrating Delta Australia’s partnerships. “The 2022 Australia-Taiwan Business Partnership Award is a recognition of the strong partnerships that Delta has built in Australia.”

“With over 20 years of outstanding growth in Australia, Delta has forged mutually beneficial relationships with many Australian companies in a broad range of industries including Australia Post, Sydney Trains, EVO Power, NHP, and Australia’s fastest growing hyperscale data centre company. These partnerships have been built on the back of Delta’s commitment to innovation in smart and energy-efficient solutions for the Australian market,” David Leal said.