Deeper Network is the first blockchain project to access Helium’s Network

Eric Ma, CMO, Deeper Network

Deeper Network (DPR), a leading Blockchain developer, has become the first blockchain to obtain the correct qualifications from Helium to access its network. By manufacturing Deeper Network HNT Miners, Deeper Network enables the first dual-crypto miner globally.

The Deeper Connect Mini mines the DPR cryptocurrency on shared internet bandwidth.

The Deeper Connect Mini is crucially important as it facilitates the connection of the Deeper Network HNT Miners and mines the HNT cryptocurrency based on radio waves.

Deeper Connect devices offer enterprise-class cybersecurity as well as a Web 3.0 gateway.

Deeper Network’s Web 3.0 ecosystem already includes a DPN, D-Ads and will include DeFi, DApp store, NFT marketplace and decentralized e-commerce in the near future.

Pre-sales have begun for the Deeper Network HNT Miners.

This integration shows that Helium continues to implement its vision of building a wireless network of IoT devices, which is an attractive project in the blockchain + IoT sector.

Thanks to Web 3.0 security tech, Deeper Network can open the IoT+Web 3.0 application ecosystem with a click, allowing other tech to be built on its infrastructure.

Helium makes access simple

The Helium Network supports owning and operating a wireless network for IoT devices.

Any compatible Internet of Things devices such as smart pet collars, bike trackers, or environmental sensors can connect to an HNT Miner without Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Deeper Network is creating a decentralized blockchain network to build decentralized and secure Internet, Web 3.0 gateway, and bring a better Internet experience to millions.

Integration with Helium Network shows the advancement and scalability of their Web 3.0.

In the future, the network plans to partner with more high-quality projects with the vision of creating a more complete ecosystem as well as continuously developing Web 3.0 tools.

Web 3.0 goes deeper

The Web 3.0 technology that was developed by Deeper Network features a decentralized technology that facilitates providing a high level of security and stability.

It combines hardware and software technology, bringing benefits to global network users.

Deeper Network is indulged in the business of building infrastructures for Web 3.0 through the use of Deeper’s decentralized CDN (Dcdn) and Deeper’s decentralized DNS (Ddns).

They’re committed to building a truly decentralized Internet and security gateway to realize technical interoperability and act as a portal for users to enter the Web 3.0 community.

The team has launched two new products in the Deeper Connect product family, including the newest Deeper Connect PICO as well as the Deeper Network WiFi transceiver.

Despite the fact that the Deeper Connect PICO’s size is designed as just the size of a lighter, the device facilitates offering the same plug-and-play features as the predecessors.

It provides portability for frequent travelers with its compact design allowing users to enjoy a secure and private network anytime and anywhere with the USB WiFi transceiver.

By successfully integrating Helium’s Network into its own network, the Deeper Connect HNT Miner supports Helium (HNT) mining, the native cryptocurrency of the Helium network.

With this add-on connected to the Deeper Connect Mini, the combination of two devices will allow the concurrent mining of both HNT and DPR, the Deeper Network’s native token.

Deeper Network has more than 35,000 nodes in more than 150 countries across the world.

And with the recent launch of its 4th generation device, the consumer targeting Deeper Connect PICO, the number of nodes is projected to hit 1 million by the end of 2024.

The PICO has raised over $450,000 on Kickstarter, which is over 4 times the target goal.