Deel launches Global Payroll product to streamline international payrolls

Deel is launching a fully managed Global Payroll product for firms that hire employees using their entities and want to combine regional payroll systems into an effortless platform. With Global Payroll added to our suite of products, firms can bring their entire workforce onto Deel. Contractor Payments, EOR services, and Payroll Management are all in one place. 

What is the Global Payroll product by Deel?

The Global Payroll market has been fragmented and slow. Say you’re a CFO of a company with four subsidiaries in different countries. That means you’re likely using four different regional payroll vendors to pay your team, each with its own software, interfaces, processes, and data reports. All of this makes it hard to analyse data, creates more room for error, and adds substantial operational cost, time, and complexity to running payroll every month. 

You can now use one platform to manage payroll across 90+ locations with one dashboard, process, and report. In a few clicks, review employees’ salaries, taxes, and benefit deductions. Plus, make adjustments in seconds and then pay your global team with a single invoice. This product, combined with Deel’s proven payroll expertise, leading compliance, and HR tools, gives businesses the first all-in-one solution to grow and pay their global team.

Deel’s new Global Payroll product helps you:

  • Consolidate your workforce in one platform with a global view of payroll data 
  • Get in-house compliance and payroll expertise, plus 24/7 dedicated support
  • Eliminate errors and reduce manual work with built-in HR and accounting integrations
  • Cut payroll setup time from 3-6 months to just one 

What are the perks of using Deel’s Global Payroll?

There are so many advantages for companies using Deel’s Global Payroll, these include;

Consolidate your workforce into one platform

Deel is one of the first and only companies in the world to consolidate Global Payroll, Employer of Record (EOR) services, and contractor management into one platform. Now you can manage your entire international workforce all through one powerful platform.

Whether helping an employee relocate, opening a new entity abroad, or growing a team of contractors, Deel is the single solution for your payroll needs. With your whole team on one platform, you can make data-driven decisions about payroll with standardized reporting for all worker classifications, locations and roles. Whether you need a breakdown of Brazil’s social security contributions or pension costs in the UK, see everything in one dashboard.

Get in-house compliance and payroll expertise

Unlike competitors, Deel’s in-house payroll managers process payroll via our 90+ Deel-owned entities directly. Instead of relying on external partners, we are able to  provide expert control over the employee experience and offer direct support for any issues.

With a fully-managed payroll, compliance and HR platform, you can reduce administrative overhead for your in-house team and skip the cost of setting up local payroll teams in various markets. We handle local HR and make all relevant declarations to the government—from local benefits, onboarding, and time off to deductions, tax filing, and offboarding. 

At Deel, our agile team is always ready to handle complex scenarios, relocation requirements, and urgent timelines. We are available in-app 24/7 to help your employees, and we even provide a dedicated support person to answer any of your questions.

With $2.8bn processed in international payroll, proven experience handling payroll across 90+ entities, and a network of 200+ local legal and tax experts, our team has the expertise to ensure you’re hiring, paying and managing your team compliantly no matter where they live.

Allie Shulman, Director of People Operations at Change.Org says “One of the main reasons why we moved over to Deel is that we knew we were going to have immediate access to support. Our support specialist responds right away. Also, the platform is user-friendly.”

Eliminate errors and reduce manual work

Our integrations with Workday, BambooHR, and Hibob eliminate manual work and resolve data inconsistencies across your HR tools. When migrating your team to Deel from an existing payroll platform, we’ll sync employees from your HR platform and reduce the time to get set up from months to a matter of weeks. And if you need to update employment details or salary info in your HRIS, we’ll automatically sync the changes straight to Deel. 

Cut payroll setup time from 3-6 months to just one

It can take six months to set up payroll, and changes often come with a lengthy back-and-forth. This can throw a wrench in international expansion and creates a hassle for businesses. At Deel, we cut the time it takes to get set up to run payroll from over six months to just one month. Our Global Payroll solution is available in the 90+ countries where we offer EOR.

Check out our Global Hiring Guides for our availability. To get started paying your international team with Global Payroll, book a consult call and demo of our product here.