Decision Inc. Australia expands its offering with SnapLogic partnership

Decision Inc. Australia, an independent data and analytics consultancy, has expanded its offering to clients in the retail, FMCG, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics sectors by partnering with SnapLogic, an intelligent integration and enterprise automation solutions firm.

What does this mean for Decision Inc. Australia’s clients?

SnapLogic empowers organisations to connect their entire ecosystem of applications, databases, big data, devices and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to create workflows called “Snaps”. This then allows them to connect endpoints to achieve comprehensive insights and drive business results, unencumbered by data silos.

The partnership with Decision Inc. will enable clients to combine SnapLogic’s ability to connect disparate data sources and extract, transform and load data between systems, with Decision Inc.’s ability to leverage the data to provide analytics and business intelligence services.

A retail business, for example, might be held back from improving inventory management and sales as its data is dispersed across multiple systems and in different formats that do not automatically interoperate. SnapLogic’s tech connects these systems, like the online store and Point Of Sale (POS) system, allowing them to communicate seamlessly while also enabling the extraction of data, transforming it into a common format suitable for analysis.

What does the partnership mean for the two companies?

Aiden Heke, CEO, Decision Inc. Australia
Aiden Heke, Chief Executive Officer at Decision Inc. Australia

“With digital driving almost every activity, companies are faced with a veritable deluge of customer data. But when it’s scattered across systems at multiple levels of the business, it’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot,” said Aiden Heke, CEO, Decision Inc. Australia.

“Through the partnership, our clients will benefit from a complete and up-to-date data integration and analytics solution. The connective tissue between sources will allow them to make sense of data and use it to drive results in a simple yet sophisticated way. SnapLogic’s solution is scalable, meaning it can grow to accommodate evolving client needs. It also gives clients the assurance their data is being managed with the highest levels of compliance.”

“Decision Inc. Australia has a proven record of supporting customers as they modernise their businesses, and we look forward to helping their customers integrate their systems with ease,” commented Uma Dubey, APAC Head of Channel and Alliances at SnapLogic.

“Amid rapid transformation, it’s easy to see how some businesses can end up with multiple systems and applications that are challenging to integrate. Our technology not only solves this issue, but it also empowers Decision Inc.’s experts to help clients effortlessly extract insights from their data, no matter where that data may rest,” Uma Dubey further added.