Decathlon and Payer sign agreement on digital invoicing solutions for B2B

Guillaume Pigeard, Retail & B2B Leader at Decathlon

Decathlon signs an agreement with the payment company Payer on a digital invoicing solution for B2B. With the new solution in place, Decathlon saves time and money on reduced administration while improving control of invoice management and post-purchase.

Why did Decathlon opt for Payer’s solutions?

“Sports clubs around Sweden are a vital client group. With Payer’s solution, we can simplify invoice management for them,” says Guillaume Pigeard, Retail & B2B Leader at Decathlon.

“In addition, we can automate the handling of all invoices against companies, which will save a lot of time and money. Payer is a strategic partner that in the long run will also be able to help us with B2B solutions for both Swish and our cash registers,” Guillaume further said.

In addition to pure invoice management, the solution also includes the tool Payer Signup which makes it possible for Decathlon to credit review and purchase verify customers at the same time as their company data is filled in automatically. “With Payer’s payment solution, Decathlon can take a big step forward on its digital journey,” says Peder Berge, CEO of Payer.

“Digitization in e-commerce in general has not come as far on the B2B side as in B2C. At the same time, customers’ expectations of having just as simple and smooth shopping experiences as on the consumer side are increasing,” Peder Berge further commented.