Golden triangle deal to empower Asia’s sportstech ecosystem

Martin Schlegel, Director at ASTN

Hong Kong-based Varcis Group, Melbourne’s Australian Sports Technology Network (ASTN) and Mumbai-based HiG Sports strike a partnership to enable APAC market access for companies across Australia, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan.

What does the partnership mean?

VARCIS’ vision of developing an integrated Asian network for human performance, property & venue tech and sport management tech aligns well with ASTN’s leadership in the commercialisation, development, and promotion of Australian-inspired sports tech, and HiG’s positioning as the reference point for Indian Sports Economy and Innovation Landscape.

The tripartite partnership simplifies and augments navigating through Asian, Aussie and Indian Sports ecosystem in a streamlined manner for sports and fitness business innovators.

Furthermore, the partnership aims to connect and unify the diverse and dynamic cultures in the region through the powerful and impactful medium of sports and related engagements. It will invariably lead to empowering, enriching, and building the APAC sportstech ecosystem.

What are the executives’ thoughts on the partnership?

“India and the APAC region are two of the world’s fastest growing regions in the sports tech space, and we are looking forward to introducing the best sports tech companies from the two regions to more capital investment, increased distribution channels and better manufacturing capabilities,” commented Phillip King, Chairman of Varcis Group.

“While we have an engagement with ASTN, VARCIS is excited for this new partnership with HiG, as we bring the best of both APAC and India to enrich the sports tech Asian ecosystem.”

“This partnership is the first of its kind and we look forward to working closely with Varcis Group and HiG Sports to bring the very best of Australian companies to Asia. Our network of export ready Australian-sportstech businesses will benefit greatly from this partnership through specialised programs and events, business matching opportunities and access to world-class knowledge and networks,” commented Martin Schlegel, Director, ASTN.

Abhishek Padwal, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of HiG Sports further commented “One of the key objectives of setting up HiG was to enable access to capital, knowledgeable & well-connected investors, global subject matter experts and progressive industry bodies such as ASTN and instil an aspiration for Indian Sports Business Innovators to build global brands.”

“Partnering with VARCIS and ASTN is a strategic step to achieve this objective and expedite inbound and outbound market access for companies between India and rest of the APAC.”