Data for good: Hacking the future

James Bailey, Director of education, DSAi

The Data Science and AI Association of Australia (DSAi) is proud to announce the Data for Social Good weekend hackathon, that will take place from Friday 29th April to Sunday 1st May 2022 at 107 Projects, at Joynton Avenue in Zetland, Sydney.

James Bailey, Director of education, DSAi, explains: “Our vision is to enable Australian innovation through gathering people from all walks of life, and our principle objective is to make D4SG Australia’s number one collaborative event in the process.”

DSAi Hackathon to solve community challenges

The hackathon goes far beyond pure code, with data analysts/programmers, together with management consultants, marketing, design and creative professionals, and students, all collaborating in teams of five to overcome challenges addressing a variety of industries;

Energy:- Moving towards a net-zero footprint: How can the energy industry move towards providing affordable renewable energy to the public? Currently, renewable energy attracts a premium, so how can this be improved to overcome the cost hurdles?

Property:- Creating greener developments: How can governments and property developers work together to create more environmentally sustainable new developments? How can governments and property developers work together to create more social housing?

Government/Defence:- Given a role playing game for humanitarian aid, how do we enhance challenger and assistant AI models to test different scenarios and improve mission planning?

With the prize of $12,000, the event will be cutthroat, says Bailey, “Register if you dare, the problems won’t be easy, but you will be making an impact as soon as you walk in the room.”

Awards will be presented to projects that succeed on the basis of technicality, originality, functionality, creativity, presentability, and wow factor. A $12,000 prize pool, and additional prizes, will be allocated to winners of the following subject matters.

  • Best Data Visualisation
  • Best Design / UX experience
  • Best Project Presentation
  • Most Creative Marketing strategy
  • Most Effective PR Strategy.

About DSAi

The Data Science and AI Association of Australia is a non-for-profit association determined to connect the data scientist and machine learning community of Australia. It is a community for Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Software professionals, SMEs and enthusiasts seeking to gain and share knowledge, grow their network and collaborate on projects.

Since its inception in 2019, DSAi has been hosting and organising a range of activities like meetups, workshops, study groups and publications, aimed to helping professionals understand industry trends, employment scenarios and stay on top of the latest research.