DANA and Ant Group announce the local women entrepreneur winners of the inaugural SisBerdaya program

SisBerdaya, a local initiative by DANA and Ant Group dedicated to empowering Indonesian women entrepreneurs from ultra-micro and micro businesses, announced six Grand Winners in Jakarta. They represent a range of industries from food manufacturing to handicrafts.

What was the winner selection criteria?

The winners stood out based on their business plans presented during the final pitching. The assessment criteria include the business model, operational scalability, financial projections and digital innovation including digital marketing and payment adaptability with QRIS. Each of the Grand Winners is entitled to a prize of IDR 20m (for the ultra-micro business category) or IDR 35m (for the micro business category) as business capital to pursue their growth plans.

Another 24 Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs were also recognized. They will receive a cash prize as business capital to invest in their businesses. All of the female business owners represent a wide range of businesses, including textiles, handicrafts, packaged food, etc.

The SisBerdaya program has been running for the past three months from March to May 2023. After receiving over 2,400 applications from diverse regions throughout Indonesia, 180 applicants were chosen to go through a one-month mentorship and skills training from a bench of experts from DANA, Ant Group and other industry and government partners.

During the final pitching competition, 30 finalists from 3 different area categories representing micro and ultra-micro businesses presented their business plans to a jury, consisting of;

  • Agustina Samara (Chief People and Corporate Strategy Officer DANA Indonesia)
  • Rose Dian Sundari (Director of Financial Inclusion Development of the Financial Services Authority)
  • Carrie Suen (Senior Advisor, Global Affairs & Sustainability Strategies, Ant Group)
  • Septriana Tangkary (Director of Information and Communication for the Economy and Maritime Ministry of Communication and Informatics)
  • Mira Rahmawaty (Deputy Director of the MSME Development Group, MSME Development and Consumer Protection Department, Bank of Indonesia)
  • Temmy (NAKAMA Program).

The final pitching competition and award gala of SisBerdaya is also witnessed by Edwin Nurhadi, Director of Financial Inclusion Development of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and Elsya M. S. Chani, Head of MSME Development and Inclusive Finance Group, Department of MSME Development and Consumer Protection of Bank Indonesia.

Commenting on the initiative, Edwin Nurhadi, Director of Financial Inclusion Development of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) said: “We at OJK would like to express our gratitude for the implementation of SisBerdaya. This program is consistent with OJK and Government initiatives. We also request the help and participation of Ministries, Institutions, and MSMEs to work together to enhance financial literacy. With the same spirit, anything is possible.”

Elsya M. S. Chani, Head of MSME Development and Inclusive Finance Group, Department of MSME Development and Consumer Protection of Bank Indonesia said: “We appreciate DANA and Ant Group’s contributions as evidence of the growth of women’s MSMEs in Indonesia.”

“We are confident that participants will receive new insights and strategies for becoming empowered entrepreneurs. MSME empowerment is a business that involves the alliance of all stakeholders. The hope is that this initiative doesn’t come to an end, but further expands.”

What does the initiative mean for DANA and Ant Group?

Commenting on the initiative, Agustina Samara, Chief People and Corporate Strategy Officer DANA Indonesia said, “Congratulations to all winners of SisBerdaya for their dedication and efforts in completing the series of selection, mentorship and training processes.”

Agustina Samara, Chief People & Corporate Strategy of DANA Indonesia
Agustina Samara, Chief People & Corporate Strategy of DANA Indonesia

“It is an honour for us to witness each participant’s rapid improvement in gaining a deeper understanding of business digitalization and developing a more sustainable business plan. We would also like to thank everyone who has contributed to the successful completion of the inaugural SisBerdaya. The SisBerdaya program has demonstrated that collaboration is one of the keys to achieving economic independence for Indonesian women,” Agustina Samara said.

“The completion of the inaugural SisBerdaya marks an exciting beginning for the winners and outstanding businesswomen from the program to pursue their dreams and inspirations. We would like to encourage all participants of SisBerdaya to continue engaging with each other and with the local community to empower more like-minded women to succeed,” said Carrie Suen, Senior Advisor, Global Affairs & Sustainability Strategies at Ant Group.

“It has been a humbling experience to engage such a diverse group of local women entrepreneurs operating micro and ultra-micro businesses from different regions, industries and backgrounds. Together with DANA, we are proud to have played a part in supporting them to reach their full potential on a global scale,” Carrie Suen further commented.

Who were the Grand Winners of SisBerdaya?

The Grand Winners of the final pitching competition from Area 1 (Kalimantan and Sumatera) are Siti Aswinda from Medan who runs a culinary business called ‘Bakso Makiji’ in micro business Efariany from Pekanbaru with ‘Rumah Bawang Kadedika’ in ultra-micro business.

From Area 2 (Sulawesi, Java, Nusa Tenggara, Bali, and Papua); Eka Shandy of Makassar with a weaving and handicraft business called ‘Dituta’ in micro business and Musridawanti from Makassar with a handicraft business ‘Whantie Collection’ in the ultra-micro business category.

Area 3 (Greater Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi); Inne Viryani from Tangerang with her ‘Coklat and Sambal Kurma Riasafood’ in micro business and Romauli Sri Astuti from Central Jakarta with a fried onion-based business called ‘Ulimus’ in ultra-micro business.

To create a sustainable and effective program, DANA and Ant Group will continue to monitor the development of all winners’ business plans and provide joint business consulting services with DANA employees if needed to the winners. List of Grand Winners of SisBerdaya;



Winner’s Name &
Business Type

Business Story


Area 1

Rumah Bawang

The first Black Garlic pioneer in Riau, based on the owner’s personal experience of finding it impossible to obtain black garlic in Pekanbaru. Rumah Bawang Kadedika sells black garlic as a natural medicine that can treat diabetes, hypertension, and a variety of other ailments.

Area 2

Whantie Collection

This Makassar-based craft enterprise creates a variety of things, including apparel and handicrafts made from plastic garbage. The Whantie Collection has also given authority to housewives (IRT) and scavengers in the vicinity of production houses.

Area 3

Romauli Sri Astuti

Ulimus was developed with the goal of making fried onions more appealing to everyone. Ulimus’ crispy fried onions are ‘converted’ into delectable nibbles with varied flavours with the goal of exposing them as a compliment to traditional Indonesian food.


Area 1

Siti Aswinda
Bakso Makiji

Siti Aswinda wants to manufacture Bakso Makiji in Medan to solve the difficulties of working mothers who don’t have much time to give good and nutritious food to their families using the hashtag #BaksoBikinBahagia. She aspires to have more than 150 agents and distributors throughout Indonesia through SisBerdaya.

Area 2

Eka Shandy

Dituta focuses on making an intriguing craft out of banana leaf trash. One of its goals in running this business is to become the largest weaving centre in Eastern Indonesia while also improving people’s lives by creating new jobs.

Area 3

Inne Viryani
Coklat & Sambal Kurma

Inne Viryani introduces Riasafood, which offers sambal and chocolate produced from dates, as a result of her understanding of the necessity of sweet snacks that are healthful, varied, and low in sugar. With SisBerdaya’s new expertise and insights, Inne is confident that she will be able to raise her reseller numbers to 100 and open 30 outlets