Dacxi and ABC Bullion form unique supply and vaulting partnership

Ian Lowe, Chief Executive Officer, Dacxi

Global crypto-wealth pioneer, Dacxi, announced that it has formed a supply and vaulting partnership with ABC Bullion, Australia’s largest independent precious metals dealer, to provide a simple, cost-effective way to invest in Gold, Silver and Platinum.

Dacxi’s ‘precious metals’ bundle allows investors to purchase any amount of Gold, Silver and Platinum as a digital token. The underlying precious metals for each token are 100% backed by the physical metal, stored in ABC Bullion’s vaults and fully insured.

This comes at a time when investors are expressing growing concern over heightened inflation in the developed world arising from unprecedented global monetary stimulus.

Relatively few investors have easy access to precious metals to hedge against inflation.

Modernizing the world’s store of value

Precious metals have long been the world’s preferred store of value, helping investors maintain their wealth through periods of uncertainty and fiat currency inflation.

Ian Lowe, the Chief Executive Officer at Dacxi expounded on this aspect.

“For centuries, precious metals have been ‘go-to’ defensive assets for investors all over the world. This is still the case today, but innovation also has an important role to play.”

“Blockchain technology democratizes access to precious metals for everyday investors. The combined benefits of accessibility, simplicity, security, and liquidity are compelling”.

The rise of crypto-wealth management

The Dacxi wealth management platform helps to facilitate investors to access individual gold tokens or a bundle containing different precious metals in a single transaction.

The minimum investment for a bundle is just A$200 and includes gold, silver and platinum. It’s the next logical step in the modernization of finance, according to Lowe.

The information that investors have at their disposal is unprecedented. Many look at world events and anticipate a rise in inflation that will eat away savings and buying power.”

“A good number of investors simply lack the means to acquire precious metals, an asset class that typically performs well over the medium to long term, and with less volatility.”

“The tokenization of physical assets, for example, those offered by Dacxi in partnership with ABC Bullion doesn’t just simplify the process of acquiring these assets, it evens the playing field by providing universal access regardless of the amount invested.”

“And while precious metals are an ideal entry point into the digital assets market, they have also performed strongly despite the fact that they are viewed as defensive assets.”

“In the last 5 years, gold’s value has risen 47.92% while silver appreciated by 38.44%.”

Janie Simpson, the Chief Executive Officer at ABC Bullion also offered his insights.

“​​We are thrilled to form a supply and vaulting partnership with Dacxi to solve some of the traditional issues that retail investors experience when investing in precious metals.”

“It allows them to purchase small or large amounts and provides a marketplace with liquidity that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere in the world.”

“Tokenisation also solves the biggest worry for everyday investors – keeping their precious metal investment safe – as the physical assets are stored in our vaults”.

Whilst there have been many attempts to lower the barrier to entry for investment in these physical asset classes in the past, they often come with risk or complexity.

Blockchain is a fit-for-purpose technology aiming to solve this problem by creating marketplaces for tokens representing virtually any kind of investment imaginable over time.

Dacxi is pioneering the tokenization of multiple asset classes, known as crypto wealth.

The tokenization of asset classes other than cryptocurrencies opens up previously inaccessible investments for the everyday investor while driving exponential growth in crypto wealth.

“Precious metals were the logical choice to evolve our crypto offering, and to provide investors the opportunity to curate their own investment portfolio via the Dacxi platform.”

“We will continue to expand the number and diversity of asset classes available.”

“Tokenisation through the blockchain provides the underlying technology to facilitate transformation in investing and therefore result into massively increased participation.”

“Empowering investors to invest quickly, easily, safely and without all the fees and middlemen involved in traditional asset management is a game-changer,” said Lowe.

“Established investors are switching while a new generation of investors is being born.”