CyberArk Ventures readies $30m to Fuel innovative cybersecurity tech

Udi Mokady, founder and Chief Executive Officer at CyberArk

CyberArk, a player in Identity Security, announced the launch of CyberArk Ventures – a $30 million global investment fund designed to empower the next generation of disruptors solving complex security challenges with innovative technology. CyberArk has initially aligned with four Venture Capital investors: Venrock, YL Ventures, Team8 Capital and Merlin Ventures.

CyberArk Ventures also completed initial investments in three cybersecurity start-ups:

  • Dig Security: Real-time threat detection solutions for data assets hosted in public clouds
  • Enso Security: Application Security Posture Management
  • Zero Networks: A leading provider of identity-based microsegmentation

Why is CyberArk taking interest in security start-ups?

As the complexity of enterprise IT environments expands and the threat of cyber attacks increase, the focus on protecting endpoints, networks, applications and data – wherever they reside – from unauthorised and/or unintended access has become more important than ever.

“We are seeking innovative security start-ups that are solving difficult problems for their customers,” said Udi Mokady, founder, chairman, and CEO at CyberArk.

“Our first three investments are the trifecta – network security, application security and data security. CyberArk Ventures is a natural evolution of our business strategy – giving CyberArk an opportunity to support innovators and nurture an expanded ecosystem of trail blazers.”

In addition to funding, CyberArk Ventures provides portfolio companies with go-to-market support, access to CyberArk technology and CyberArk Labs research, engagement with CyberArk leadership, and networking opportunities with prospective partners and customers.

What are the stakeholder thoughts on CyberArk’s move?

CyberArk Ventures also offers nascent organisations guidance and feedback on how to improve their product design in hopes of making the product enterprise-ready, while introducing them to valuable channel and design partners. “We take great pride in helping entrepreneurs tackle hard problems,” said Todd Graham, vice president, Venrock.

“Venrock brings with it years of real-world experience and a passion to help build some of the world’s most disruptive, successful companies. And CyberArk’s engagement, network, passion and experience will give these start-ups an advantage in the market,” Todd said.

“As singular cybersecurity investors ourselves, our collaborative relationship with CyberArk comes naturally. We both have expertise with guiding cybersecurity innovators with go-to-market in their journey and helping them grow into tomorrow’s global industry leaders, much like CyberArk did as a cybersecurity trailblazer,” said Ofer Schreiber, partner at YL Ventures.

“Too often, entrepreneurs face limited reach to end customers and lack access to resources and specialised talent. These are challenges that capital alone can’t solve. Our relationship with CyberArk will help support technology companies for predictable, long-term success. Working with CyberArk on both product and go-to-market puts companies on the fast track to become category leaders,” said Liran Grinberg, co-founder and managing partner, Team8.

“Merlin’s work with CyberArk began as a channel partner, so we have confidence that this relationship with CyberArk Ventures will be a strong fit. As security subject matter experts, we understand how enterprise sales work and how to execute successful go-to-market strategies that create value for start-ups looking to rapidly penetrate and scale in the United States market,” commented Seth Spergel, managing partner at Merlin Ventures.

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