CryptoPunks to headline new $20 million NFT exhibition in London

HOFA Gallery in London announced the upcoming launch of their latest and most high profile NFT exhibition to date, titled ‘Portrait of an Era’, estimated to be worth in excess of $20m.

This hybrid art exhibition will showcase some of the world’s rarest digital NFT creations alongside cutting-edge contemporary physical artworks, and will be open to the public in the gallery and across HOFA’s VR mobile and web application

HOFA Gallery’s Portraits of an Era exhibition

Set to headline are the wildly successful blue-chip NFT collectibles CryptoPunks, Autoglyphs, Meebits and Fidenza which are currently the most sought after crypto artworks in the world.

The show promises comprehensively rare glimpses of six Sealed CryptoPunks printed as unique lithographs and signed by Larva Labs co-founder, John Watkinson.

The Sealed prefix refers to these rare works being accompanied by a special wax-sealed envelope with the 12-word seed phrase which grants ownership and irrevocable access online.

Only 24 Sealed CryptoPunks of this kind have been created.

Of these, five have been auctioned by Sothebys London, four are set to be auctioned by Christie’s Hong Kong, and the rest of them in private collections, ‘Portrait of an Era’ will be a chance-in-a-lifetime to see the six Punks exhibited together at HOFA Gallery.

Other NFT works include the trending Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), whose floor price has soared in value from $15,000 to upwards of $145,000 over the course of just six weeks.

Dutch artist Joseph Klibansky’s stunning sculptural works will also be curated alongside canvases by Sepand Danesh, whose works were recently showcased at the Dubai Expo 2020.

The Portrait of an Era show will also mark the genesis NFT drop by British designer and artist King Nerd who is renowned for his highly skilled and intricate engraving work.

“Portrait of an Era aims to unify conventional and digital art markets in a pioneering exhibition embracing the future of the art world and celebrates the digital renaissance taking place.”

“This is an important event for us, as we also begin minting and auctioning our NFTs through the platform at the launch,” said Elio D’Anna, Co-Founder of HOFA Gallery.

“This makes us one of the first galleries in the world to launch its own NFT house.”

HOFA’s Digital Art Timeline


HOFA became the first gallery in the world to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, available in 21 different cryptocurrencies in partnership with leading exchange Uphold.


HOFA pioneers tokenised exhibition in partnership with sister company ARTCELS, promoting accessibility and democratising the acquisition process of fine arts investments.

2021 (March)

HOFA launched its inaugural NFT release Pink Flower by Zhuang Hong Yi.

2021 (May)

HOFA launched the exhibition ‘Matter and Form’, combining the traditional artwork mediums and NFTs by 16 global artists and hosted in partnership with Makers Place and Rarible.

It instantly sold out and Jan Kalab’s NFT artwork ‘Lost Ultramatine Shell’ sold for 11.8 ETH (44,000 USD) to high profile Hong Kong based collector, Galen Law Kun.

2021 (September)

HOFA launches ‘Portrait of an Era’ billed as the world’s most valuable gallery NFT exhibition ever, with CryptoPunks and BAYC headlining.

HOFA will mint and auction its first set of artworks on its own NFT platform, which is built on the Ethereum Network and founded with sustainable ethics.

The platform does not strictly require a crypto wallet to acquire digital art, as the platform accepts multiple forms of payments including cards and wires.

This hybrid version has a lower impact on the environment by reducing its carbon footprint. It also opens the NFT space to collectors of every age and background.