CPA Australia accelerates digital transformation with MuleSoft

Dr Jane Rennie, General Manager External Affairs at CPA Australia

MuleSoft, provider of integration and API platform, announced that one of the world’s largest accounting bodies, CPA Australia has chosen MuleSoft to deliver new customer experiences, transforming its internal systems to increase productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

What does MuleSoft add to CPA Australia’s portfolio?

Delivering vital services to over 170,000 members for over 130 years, CPA Australia plays a critical role in education, training, technical support and advocacy for members. The firm works together with local and global bodies to represent the oncerns of the accounting industry to governments, regulators, industries, academia and other stakeholders.

CPA Australia decided to invest in MuleSoft as its integration platform in 2021 ahead of a significant digital transformation program to upgrade its member portal. The program included implementing a new identity management system to provide additional security and member benefits such as log-in, authentication and password verification.

To do this, CPA Australia had to consolidate the member data it had stored across various platforms by implementing APIs, giving the firm a unified view of members’ activities, in turn enabling the organisation to offer personalised services to members based on that data.

Taking a composable business approach, the organisation upgraded its member services portal, which provides online assessment tools, exam results and payment sites, quickly adapting and personalising its platform, focusing on individual members and their needs.

For example, CPA Australia members can now cancel or defer exam dates using the portal. CPA Australia has successfully migrated more than 170,000 members to the new identity management platform, which is also synchronised with its CRM, ensuring that members can securely access information and enable single-sign and multifactor authentication capabilities.

How else will CPA Australia use MuleSoft software?

CPA Australia has embraced efficiency and flexibility by updating its existing technology footprint and streamlining the skills required to support it. The automation incorporated into the new APIs has also enabled the organisation to introduce operational and cost efficiencies.

“The foundation we’ve created using MuleSoft’s integration capabilities will be very important to supporting our security initiatives as we continue on our digital transformation journey,” said Dr Jane Rennie, General Manager External Affairs at CPA Australia.

“The program has helped CPA Australia provide more career enhancement opportunities to our staff. Our team is now focused on extending their knowledge and experience with MuleSoft and working with our partners in the next transformation program.”