Aussie couple helping women save thousands every year on hair care

Maia Dodds and Craig Ford, C0-founders of The Shade

Partners Maia Dodds and Craig Ford have shaken up the hair care industry by creating an Aussie-first hair colouring solution that will save women $300+ every time they need to colour their hair – and give them three hours of their life back with each treatment. The news will be welcomed by the 75% of Aussie women over the age of 35 who dye their hair.

What is the market growth of The Shade?

The pair’s salon-grade hair dye-kit subscription service, ‘The Shade’, home delivers gorgeous high performing hair colour, while also giving clients free access to experienced colourists.

Priced at just $25.95 (incl. shipping), The Shade bridges the gap between outdated supermarket $10 dyes that have harsh chemicals causing skin irritations, and costly salon dyes where you are forced to spend up to 4 hours of your Saturday locked in a salon.

It’s why the company has amassed a legion of fans with almost no advertising: 65,000 orders have already been shipped with the pair now banking $69k in sales every month.

With 5.4 millions Australian women colouring their hair, there is huge potential for the company to grow. To help take their business to the next level, Maia and Craig will raise capital through Birchal equity crowdfunding, so its most loyal fans can share in their success.

How was the idea born?

“Our lightbulb idea hit when I noticed Maia begrudgingly giving up 4 hours of her jam-packed Saturday to get her hair dyed,” said Craig Ford, Co-founder and Co-CEO of The Shade.

“We agreed there had to be a better way because the women of Australia were being held to ransom by their $300 colourists. Until we came along there was no happy middle ground.”

“We innovated quality hair dye kits delivered to your home at a fraction of the price, backed up with a consultation with an expert hair colourist. These women can now multitask while their hair is being dyed, with other activities like working from home or watching a movie!”

“We estimate women colour their hair every 6 weeks – that’s 28 to 32 hours stuck in a salon chair and spending $2400 each year, money that could be better spent elsewhere.”

How does The Shade fare against market competition?

The other alternative is for women to expose themselves to the harsh chemicals found in supermarket hair dyes from large global brands, formulations that have not changed in 40 years and contain chemicals known to cause irritation. It was Maia’s sensitive skin and her prevalence towards exposure allergies that was the impetus for the company’s creation.

“Supermarket dyes often include ammonia, which is so harsh it is also used in industrial cleaning products,” says Maia Dodds, Cofounder and Co-CEO of The Shade.

“The Shade’s colours are the best money can buy from Italy to deliver beautiful results, and contain aloe vera, argan oil, and ginseng – all ingredients designed to be kind to your scalp.”

“For the 70% of Aussie women like me who suffer from skin allergies, The Shade’s ‘no itch ingredients’ will be a relief. The reviews speak for themself – over 1,000 x 5-star reviews; all raving about the great quality of our products! Our colours have been specially formulated for sensitive skin using vegan friendly products that will reduce the damage to your hair.”

“By using The Shade, the average Aussie will save $2,192.40 every year if they switch away from their current $300 hair appointment. We’ve launched into NZ and our next step is to expand into South East Asia where there is huge demand for sensitive to skin hair colouring.”

The Shade’s operates a subscription business model to remind women to colour their hair on a continual basis. “Ask any women who dyes their hair, and they will tell you booking in an appointment is something that often falls by the wayside in their busy lives,” said Maia.

“This model acts as a reminder for these women to schedule in their hair colouring. And of course, they can do it in the comfort of their home, so it’s effortless! It’s also one of our great business selling points to investors, 73% of our customers are repeat purchasers.”

The equity crowdfunding raise will support The Shade’s marketing, website improvements, the rollout of one-on-one video consultations, and developing new colour shades. The firm’s mission is to become the Australia’s premier low cost, premium home hair colour brand giving women and men a real alternative to expensive salons and cheap supermarket boxes.