Contentsquare acquires Hotjar as businesses build better digital customer experiences

Jonathan Cherki, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Contentsquare

Contentsquare a global leader in digital experience analytics has announced that it is joining forces with Hotjar, a leading product experience insights platform in the SMB market.

Together the companies now serve the global market end-to-end, enabling businesses of every size to deliver outstanding digital experiences to their customers. 

The acquisition builds on deep synergies between both businesses to expand the companies’ global market reach and accelerate their shared vision of better experiences for all.

Benefits of Contentsquare’s acquisition of Hotjar

Hotjar will learn from Contentsquare’s advanced technology and resources, while Contentsquare will benefit from Hotjar’ reach and product-led approach. 

With over 1,000 people, both companies will work closely together to make the most of their joint expertise, but will continue to operate independently for the foreseeable future.

Contentsquare and Hotjar help businesses understand behaviours online, enabling them to deliver the best experience, fix obstacles in the customer journey and improve engagement.

With massive digital acceleration, access to these insights is critical to business success.

Contentsquare and Hotjar provide insights to close to 1 Million websites in 180+ countries, analysing trillions of web and mobile app behaviors and micro-gestures on sites that process billions of dollars in transactions daily, using AI to turn this data into recommendations. 

“People today expect great digital experiences whenever they are connected — whether they are interacting with big global brands or startups and growing businesses.”

“Coming together with Hotjar allows us to broaden our reach to bring critical insights to every type of business across all industries,” Jonathan Cherki, CEO & Founder of Contentsquare.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be joining forces with Contentsquare. We built Hotjar to inspire product improvements by enabling businesses of all sizes to have empathy with users.”

“Joining Contentsquare enables us to accelerate towards this vision, double our investments in innovation and unlock more value for our customers,” David Darmanin, Hotjar Founder.

Contentsquare enjoying growth and investor confidence

Contentsquare raised $500M Series E funding at a $2.8B valuation, and plans to increase its global market reach, and expand its presence in both existing and new territories.

The company recently launched three new products, and expanded its patent portfolio with 11 patents and 28 patent-pending or published applications.

The company furtherstill launched an incubator and started the Contentsquare Foundation, a nonprofit with a mission to promote digital accessibility for all.

Contentsquare is currently trusted by more than 750 leading global brands, including BMW, IKEA, Microsoft, Rakuten, Sephora, The North Face, and Verizon.

This is Contentsquare’s sixth acquisition in two years, following the acquisitions of Upstride, Dareboost, AdaptMyWeb, Pricing Assistant and Clicktale

Hotjar provides product experience insights for teams in small and mid-market businesses. Over the last 12 months the company has achieved tremendous growth as the world has turned online and consumers’ expectations of digital experiences increase.

Founded in 2014, it has always been a fully remote distributed company.

Today Hotjar has over 190 team members across 33 countries within Europe, the Americas and Africa. It is committed to giving back and has pledged 1% of its revenue to Climate Justice. 

Both companies lead with digital trust as a core value, operate in compliance with GDPR and CCPA, and have put end-user privacy at the heart of their technology.

Digital trust is important to Contentsquare and Hotjar, so much so that Contentsquare has just released a cookieless offering, which allows brands to turn off first and third-party cookies.