Leading content enablement platform, Templafy raises $60 million in funding

Templafy is a leading content enablement platform that aligns workforces and helps people create on-brand, high-performing business content faster.

Templafy announced the closure of a $60 million investment, marking a significant milestone in its journey to pioneer the content enablement category and help enterprises connect their content across the tech stack. 

The investment was led by Blue Cloud Ventures with participation from all previous investors such as Insight Partners, Seed Capital, Dawn Capital and Damgaard Company.

Templafy solving the problem of disconnected content

This recent raise brings Templafy to a total of $125 million in funding as it races to fulfill its mission to ensure content like documents, presentations and emails can do its primary job for organisations of driving business. 

“As the future of work unfolds, Templafy has a unique opportunity to redefine how enterprise organisations manage, produce and utilise business content like documents, presentations and emails,” said Jesper Theill Eriksen, CEO of Templafy.

“Hybrid workplaces need a tech stack that’s more integrated and intuitive, supporting employees in their efforts to contribute high-value work, whether they’re in office or remote.”

“Content enablement is emerging as a critical element to these tech stacks, and this recent investment supports our efforts in pioneering this category.”  

“Templafy is solving an all-too-common, yet frequently overlooked problem for organisations: disconnected content,” said Mir Arif, Managing Partner at Blue Cloud Ventures.

“While the term may be new, the problem itself is not.”

“When content isn’t integrated to the applications where employees work, organisations experience disconnected content which can cause several damaging issues including loss of compliance, a drag on efficiency and ultimately a negative impact on business performance.”

“Solving disconnected content for enterprises combined with a ripe market, a strong team and a powerful, user-friendly platform makes Templafy an exemplary partner.” 

This investment comes 14 months after Templafy’s Series C round.

Templafy insights for the future

As the world navigates transitions in the workplace, Templafy has continued to see customers turn to content enablement as a solution, with a 121% increase in net new ARR additions in Q1 2021 compared to Q1 2020 and quadrupling of the customer base since Q1 2020.

Investing in a strong team has been central to the organisation’s success, specifically with the key hires of Cynthia Stephens as Chief Financial Officer, Robin Stimac as Chief Product Officer, and an overall team growth of 68% since April 2020.

“We’ve seen Templafy’s technology step into an even more critical role for enterprises over the last year as everyone grapples with the right tech solution for the future of work,” said Jonathan Rosenbaum, Vice President at Insight Partners and Templafy board member.

“The ability to ensure content actively contributes to business performance through a strategically constructed tech stack is what will set organisations apart when it comes to successfully transitioning into the future of work.”

“We’re confident that Templafy is changing the status quo of the business tech stack and this added investment is representative of those beliefs.”