CoinSpot reveals partnership with Satellite ahead of NFT exhibition

Tim Wilks (Centre), Market Executive at CoinSpot

Australia’s leading and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange CoinSpot has announced its innovative partnership with Sydney’s first major international NFT exhibition Satellite, a free event that will give Sydney-siders their first peek at the world of NFTs.

Running from 9 March through to 3 April 2022 at Twenty Twenty Six Gallery in Bondi Beach, NSW, Satellite will present over 40 unique pieces from some of the world’s leading NFT artists including Beeple, Trevor Jones, BossLogic and Serwah Attfua to name a few.

Some of the exhibited pieces will also be auctioned off with all sales proceeds directly supporting not-for-profit Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef.

To drive education and awareness of the emerging asset class, CoinSpot experts will be on the ground to support attendees and answer questions they have around the purchase of Ethereum and how they can use it to bid on the digital artworks available at the exhibition.

Working directly with renowned digital artist Kode Abdo, who is better known as BossLogic, CoinSpot has also commissioned a bespoke NFT which will be available during the exhibition.

All proceeds from the NFT will be donated to ‘Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef’ to support their initiative of conserving the Great Barrier Reef, and reefs around the world.

CoinSpot executive on partnership with Satellite

Tim Wilks, the Market Executive at CoinSpot expounded further on the aspect.

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with Satellite, especially as it’s the first of its kind here in Australia. It’s a fantastic opportunity to introduce the broader population to the growing NFT sector, which we believe will play a huge role in the future art and culture.”

“Traditionally only available online, the Satellite exhibition brings NFTs off the web and into a physical space, while showcasing and celebrating emerging local and international artists, many of whom are creating pieces that are gaining worldwide attention.”

“It’s an exciting time for the crypto space as more Australians are joining the ecosystem.”

CoinSpot is proud to support an event which aims to provide education and information about NFTs and their potential to transform the art world, as well as most modern industries.”

The full extent of CoinSpot’s relationship with Satellite, and details on the exchange’s bespoke NFT created by BossLogic, will be announced closer to the event.

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