Cognizant partners with Organon to bolster their supply chain process

Surya Gummadi, SVP of Global Health Sciences and SVP, Americas at Cognizant

Cognizant has signed a multi-year agreement with Organon, a global women’s health firm, to help improve the company’s delivery of healthcare products and crucial medicinal supply chain management. Through the agreement, Cognizant will help scale Organon’s healthcare business by delivering full-stack industrial technology support for the company’s nemerous global pharmaceutical manufacturing sites in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Indonesia.

What does the partnership mean for Organon?

This includes managing Organon’s manufacturing with SAP’s S4/HANA enterprise app suite. By providing support teams to increase visibility of the manufacturing process and ensure pharmaceutical development continuity, Cognizant will help Organon enhance supply chain oversight, increase medicinal yields, reduce cycle times and get products to patients faster.

“Our work with Organon to align its pharmaceutical development with Industry 4.0 principles is crucial to supporting women’s health in an efficient, expedient and compliant approach,” said Surya Gummadi, Cognizant’s SVP of Global Health Sciences and SVP, Americas.

“Partnerships like ours will help create new opportunities for companies to transform their businesses and deliver quality healthcare at scale,” Surya Gummadi further commented.

“Technology is an important pillar of differentiation for Organon in fulfilling our mission of becoming the world’s leading women’s health company. By partnering with Cognizant, we have teamed up with one of world’s top technology and professional services companies to advance our digital ambitions and capabilities, along with speeding access to important therapies for women everywhere,” said Rachel Stahler, Chief Information Officer at Organon.

What is Cognizant’s market reach?

Cognizant works with each of the world’s top 30 pharmaceutical companies. Its 2019 acquisition of Zenith Technologies has enabled Cognizant to become one of the only global firms capable of providing end-to-end support for pharmaceutical manufacturing systems.

The combined Cognizant-Zenith Technologies expertise delivers a range of Industry 4.0 capabilities, including machine sensor and controller instrumentation, supervisory control, data acquisition and automation. Most of Organon’s manufacturing and supply chain program will be managed and supported by leveraging the innovative Cognizant-Zenith capabilities.