Cognizant opens new delivery centre in Adelaide with first intake of recruits

Jane Livesey, Chief Executive Officer of Cognizant Australia & New Zealand

Cognizant officially opened its new delivery centre in Adelaide. Cognizant first announced its intention to open a delivery centre in Adelaide in November 2021, to offer its clients in Australia and New Zealand more direct access to locally based and highly skilled technology experts. That expertise includes software, AI, machine learning, cloud computing and data analytics, to help Cognizant’s clients solve their most important business challenges.

Jane Livesey, Chief Executive Officer of Cognizant Australia & New Zealand, celebrated the opening ceremony of the Adelaide delivery centre on 10th Oct, with Cognizant’s new Adelaide workforce. Rob Walker, Cognizant’s president of Global Growth Markets, also attended.

What does the hub mean for the Adelaide community?

Cognizant intends to hire 1,600 digital roles in Adelaide by 2026 by recruiting talent locally, interstate and internationally. To reach this goal, the company focuses on hiring people in the early stages of their career as well as those seeking a career change to digital technology, providing the necessary training and reskilling to prepare them for their new roles.

One of the new trainees in Adelaide is Alex Fry, a former chef who was looking to make a career change. A family member suggested to Alex that he look into IT, as he had good people skills and transferable soft skills from the kitchen. “I’m used to handling stressful, thinking on my feet, and can make conversation with just about anyone,” said Fry.

“It’s actually surprised me how many skills are transferable. I don’t think people might realise how much they already know, unless they take the plunge and give it a go. I’m really interested in learning more about helping businesses become more sustainable. I want to leave the world a better place for my kids than how I found it. If I’m going to change the world, then this is the best shot I’ve got at doing something constructive,” added Fry.

What were the executive’s thoughts on the new hub?

“I’m excited to see our doors open here in Adelaide and meet the first of our growing teams. This centre will soon become a thriving hub of digital experts who are skilled and ready to partner with businesses and govts for their digital transformation initiatives,” says Livesey.

“With this new centre, Cognizant confirms its ongoing investment into developing local Australian talent and its commitment to build a range of diversified digital skills. We’re proud to join the growing tech community here in Adelaide and play our part in contributing to the economic vibrancy of South Australia, as more of our employees call it their home,” she said.

Present in the region since 2002, Cognizant ANZ serves over 130 clients, including top banks, insurers, retailers, communications and media companies. In the past few years, Cognizant has consistently strengthened its in-country cloud, software and data engineering offerings, with specialist capabilities to expand its digital business in Australia. This includes the acquisitions of digital leaders like Collaborative SolutionsContino, SoftVision and Servian.