App development startup, Cogniss banks $1.1m from crowdfunding

Leon Young, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Cogniss

Australian technology startup, Cogniss has closed a successful equity crowdfunding campaign after raising and securing $1,121,893 from three hundred and two individual investors.

The success of the crowdfunding campaign will enable the bootstrapped startup to activate its ambitious plans for growth, both in Australia and globally, with the company currently planning to launch a private investment round in the first quarter of 2022.

Cogniss attracts crowdfunding interest

Leon Young, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Cogniss welcomed the funding.

“We are ultimately thrilled with the results of this campaign and we are extremely excited to welcome our three hundred and two, new shareholders to the Cogniss family.”

“This funding injection means we can press ‘go’ on our scale up plans immediately through expanding our team of talented developers, sharing the Cogniss story far and wide, and significantly growing our customer base, while also continuing to support our existing clients.”

“We’ve had interest from a range of VC firms and investors that we are planning to run a fast follow-on investment round early in the new year to capitalise on the momentum.”

What is Cogniss offering the market?

Cogniss is the first cloud-based platform to put powerful and highly technical capabilities.

The platform incorporates UX design, behavioural science, artificial intelligence and technical app building skills, with no coding needs and low cost custom app development.

Apps built on Cogniss cost up to 90% less than custom-built apps and can be launched in weeks rather than the months or years custom app development can take.

“In 2020, over 80k new apps published in the app store were transformational in nature, helping to transform lives in terms of lifestyle, health, fitness, wellbeing and education.”

“The most effective apps in these categories are what we call Human Transformation apps.”

“These digital applications use evidence-based neuropsychology and neuroscience principles in order to create a positive impact on human cognition, health and wellbeing.”

“What we’re aiming to do with Cogniss is democratise the development of these Human Transformation apps, making the process more affordable and achievable for individuals and organisations who want to help people make positive changes to their lives.”

Cogniss aims to disrupt the global market

Cogniss will leverage the global transformational app development industry, which spans the No-Code development market, projected to be valued at $45bn by 2025, Digital Health, projected to reach $457bn by 2026, and EdTech, projected to reach $404bn by 2025.

“What has been especially rewarding to envisage from this  crowdfunding campaign is the different categories of people and organisations that have come on board.”

“We’ve had investments from an incredibly diverse range of individuals.”

“One investor plans to create an app to support survivors of domestic abuse, another is designing an app that combines speech therapy and mindfulness, and another has an idea for an app to engage students in Humanities class discussions.”

“It has been excitingly inspiring for us to hear all of these innovative ideas and to know that Cogniss can comfortably provide the opportunity to bring their ideas to life.”

“Thousands of people have already had their lives changed for the better by a Human Transformation application built on Cogniss, a fact that we are very proud of.”

“With this new funding, we have the opportunity to positively impact millions of lives.”

Concurrent to the CSF campaign, Cogniss has signed a number of strategic commercial partnerships with global organisations that will act as Cogniss resellers globally.

Cogniss’ partners include M&C Saatchi, design consultancy ThinkPlace, nutraceutical consulting service Metavate, and pharmaceutical innovation consultancy Rhythm Design.