Code Camp regroups with new focus on GenZ content creation and partnership with Warner Bros.

Australian education businesses, Code Camp has launched a series of new programs in response to rapidly growing demand from Gen Z kids to devise their own online content.

Content creation is one of the fastest advancing areas in tech, with the global content creation market expected to reach US$38.2 billion by 2030.

Code Camp’s interest in Gen Z content creators

“Gen Z – those aged from 6 to 24 – will be the most technologically advanced generation the world has ever seen,” said Code Camp’s co-founder Hayley Markham.

“For this group, being a follower simply isn’t enough. They all have a high sense of individuality, so they want to create their own content and have people follow them.

“It has escalated at such a dizzying pace, that we decided to take this on board as part of our new strategy this year. So far it’s exceeded all expectations and we’ve been able to reset our revenue projections on the back of a challenging 2020,” says Hayley.

The business, which teaches kids aged 5-13 to design and code apps, online games, digital content, and websites after-school and during the school holidays at in-person and online camps, recently partnered with Warner Bros.

Code Camp products to feature DC Super Heroes

To be launched during the winter school holidays the ‘Code your own DC Super Hero Game’ camp aimed at kids from 7-12 will use DC characters, themed backgrounds and collectibles and is available at Spark and Ignite camps.

Other camps which were tested during the April school holidays will be offered again.

  • Guide kids through content creation, video editing and production for their own channel.
  • DJ Camp where kids can learn to mix tracks
  • Animation Camp which focusses on stop-motion animation production and video editing.