Clipchamp partners with Pinterest to amplify video content creation and leverage native video pins feature

As video enjoys an upward trend in adoption by consumers and businesses alike – thanks to its high engagement rates – global video editing platform Clipchamp has announced an integration partnership with visual inspiration platform, Pinterest

The announcement comes as Clipchamp reports its February YoY growth figures, a 200% uplift in monthly new users, a 280% uplift in monthly video exports and a 380% uplift in the monthly use of its templates. 

The new collaboration with Pinterest will enable Clipchamp users to create video Pins from the platform using one of the newly developed Pinterest video templates that can be found in the new 2:3 aspect ratio collection.

The collection was developed with Pinterest’s 2021 trend report, Pinterest Predicts

The new offering aims to enhance engagement for Pinterest creators while creating a seamless integration between Clipchamp and Pinterest, enabling creators to create and upload video Pins with greater ease and accessibility.

Pinterest boasts a global monthly active user base of over 459 million, presenting a massive marketing opportunity for businesses and brands, regardless of size.

Pinterest users search, create, and watch more video than ever before. In fact, Pinners are watching nearly a billion video views per day on the platform, which is a 120% annual increase.

Pinterest is the ideal platform for creating different kinds of content, including a wide range of video formats, content duration and size.

Pinterest users are inspired by videos, mainly for categories like beauty, DIY, decoration and food as an ideal format to learn how to bring the inspiration they discover to life.

Ludovic Ulrich, VP Partnerships, Clipchamp said: “At Clipchamp, we are focused on making in-browser video editing and creation fast and easy. By becoming a Creative Tools Partner, we hope to inspire more beautiful videos on the Pinterest feed.”

“Our customizable Pinterest templates and streamlined export process are the perfect combination to get all Pinterest creators pinning more video content.”

Pinterest creator, Joanna Hawley (Jojotastic), said: “Video can be so daunting, especially for small businesses, so being able to point to a platform like Clipchamp that allows you to create Pinterest specific content, in the correct specifications and post directly to Pinterest without having to leave the platform, that’s s a game changer!”

“Being engaging on Pinterest is all about sharing different types and formats of content – story pins, story pins with video, normal video, stills, carousels. Really making sure you are offering content for a wide variety of purposes and uses.”

“Video is a huge part of my content strategy. If I do a Reel or an IGTV, I will embed it into a blog post relevant to that subject. This then adds a layer of interest to the blog post.”

“I will then take this same video and post it on Pinterest with a link back to that blog. So it’s almost a fun flow chart of repurposing content across each of my channels!”


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