Clipboard – A new business platform disrupting and enhancing the global hospitality industry

Clipboard - disrupting and enhancing the global hospitality industry


Clipboard is the world’s first social and professional networking platform connecting the global hospitality community.

Clipboard enables dynamic professional branding for hospitality industry members and businesses, offering pathways to connect to the hospitality community and build a strong professional network.

A multi and dynamic solution platform, Clipboard is changing the way, the global hospitality community connects.

Hospitality is currently one of the most fragmented and transient industries which creates massive inefficiencies, waste and retards career opportunities and professional development for many thousands who operate within it.

It is an important and wonderful industry – Clipboard is positioned to ensure it reaches the potential it deserves.

We are solving the problem by providing a platform where hospitality professionals and businesses can showcase their experience and capability to create a global, connected hospitality network and ecosystem.

Working in hospitality can be challenging and rewarding. The industry is full of passionate and creative people. However, success in hospitality comes with a price. Long hours often not being recognised and rewarded for effort.

As a result, the hospitality industry experiences high turnover, and skill and capacity shortages.

How exactly does Clipboard help?

Enter Clipboard and the opportunity to register your profile and start connecting and presenting your story and ambitions.

Overtime, profiles deepen as experiences and feedback is recorded in a quality and consistent manner driven by the objective to make sure it is as good as it can be to attract connections and opportunities.

Getting this right means more people stay in the industry, develop their career in a more planned and organised manner and are part of a network and ecosystem not possible before.

Clipboard’s unique proposition is its deep industry focus and support for the specific requirements and language of the hospitality world.

Clipboard’s innovative technology enables the hospitality professionals to showcase their talents to a global audience. It allows hospitality professionals across all roles within the industry, including traditional and new roles as the market changes.

Whether you are a front of house person or a chef or a deliverer of food to homes, there is an opportunity to connect into a platform that will feel right, and applicable to your world.

Launched in 2018, Clipboard Hospitality burst onto the scene. Currently we have close to 15,000 registered members and over 2000 businesses actively using the platform.

Clipboard’s dynamic and unique proposition is capturing the community attention, helping its members become “job ready” and connecting a global community via one ecosystem.

We are also proud to be embarking on a social mission to assist the community in industry wellbeing and mental health, a campaign close to our heart. With exciting times ahead post Covid 19, Clipboard is on its journey to achieve our mission of connecting the global hospitality community.