Clinscience digitizes clinical research by investing in the EXOM Group CRO

Clinscience is continuing its international expansion in the clinical research sector.

Clinscience, which is a subsidiary of NEUCA Group, signed an investment agreement to acquire 60% of the digital CRO (Contract Research Organization) EXOM Group.

Headquartered in Milan, since its digital creation, EXOM carries out its activities in the design, supervision, monitoring and management of clinical trials based on its own digital eco-system of more than 20 applications unified in the multi-modular platform Genius Suite.

Why is Clinscience investing in EXOM Group CRO?

Those proprietary solutions enable a full data driven & risk based monitoring and management of clinical trials as well as the conduction of decentralized and hybrid trials to allow for in-home clinical visits and remote patient’s monitoring through digital health devices.

The global clinical trials market is currently valued at $44.3 billion and industry experts estimate that by the year 2026 clinical trials’ value may even increase to $77.2 billion.

Such a dynamic changing environment means that Clinscience is currently in a very intensive phase of expansion, and by positioning itself as a SMART CRO offering end-to-end solutions.

These range from protocol development to final study report based on integrated digital solutions has a significant impact on the changes taking place in this market segment.

As indicated by the company’s management, digital transformation, combined with advanced real-time diagnostic data and big data analytics systems, are not only driving the business, but also factors that will increasingly shape the current global clinical trials market.

Comments on Clinscience’s partnering EXOM CRO

Tomek DÄ…browski, Chief Executive Officer of Clinscience, responsible for the Clinical Trials business in NEUCA Group says, “Being aware of the digital revolution taking place globally in the clinical trials market, we are prioritizing investments in technology solutions.”

“Joining forces with EXOM CRO will facilitate us at Clinscience to continue our long-term strategy of implementing innovation based on digital, real-time data visualization.”

“We are trying to change the approach to conducting clinical trials for these digital times.”

EXOM Group’s proprietary Genius Suite system will allow Clinscience to continue its digital transformation and conduct clinical trials with a greater focus on the needs of both investigators and patients and ultimately sponsors.

Joanna PuÅ‚awska, Chief Operations Officer Clinscience explains, “EXOM has a vast experience in implementing the most advanced technologies that very soon will be key in the industry.”

“They are authors of innovative platforms offering tools to manage and monitor processes related to clinical trials, including solutions based on telemedicine, and pioneers in the application of cloud solutions in the most sensitive areas.”

“Fully integrated systems facilitate access to advanced therapies for patients globally, putting them at the center of all operations, making work easier for sponsors, investigators and CROs to enable management of clinical projects in a decentralized clinical research model.”

Luigi Visani, Chief Executive Officer of Exom Group adds, “Exom was founded with a vision to modernize Clinical Research processes through the use of digital applications.”

“Our innovation-oriented approach has proven its worth, bringing us to the forefront of the most innovative players in the Contract Research Organization market.”

“The Clinscience merger will allow us to exploit the potential of our consolidated experience and vision of future research based on advanced solutions and patient centricity.”

The company, already established in the European market, opened its headquarters in the USA to start working with highly qualified teams specialized in data management and biostatistics.

Tomek DÄ…browski concludes, “The merger with Exom is a particularly important strategic step for us, which will significantly accelerate our development on the US market as well.”

“It is significant in the context of the market we are observing in the USA, where in August we established Clinscience USA LLC, a company offering digital solutions for the Clinical Research industry based on data analysis and risk of medical events (RBQM and Bioinformatics).”