Clinscience further invests in market transforming tech, buys Agati Group

Tomek Dabrowski, Chief Executive Officer of Clinscience

Clinscience US LLC, a subsidiary of Neuca Group, on 26th of April 2022 signed an investment agreement to acquire 51% of shares in Agati Systems. The US-based (Texas) organisation, together with its Indian subsidiary, Agati Clinical Informatics, having branches in Bengaluru and Chennai, provides clinical data, regulatory, and custom software services.

What does Agati Systems bring to Clinscience’s portfolio?

The firm has a rapidly expanding and robust team of SAS® programmers, clinical data standards SMEs, statisticians, and regulatory experts, who will work hand-in-hand with Clinscience’s Data Management & Biostatistics Team. This deal is a testament to Clinscience’s sustained focus on the Digital Data-Driven (3D) strategy. Last year, the firm expanded into the US and acquired majority stakes in an Italian-German tech CRO, EXOM Group.

“Empowered by Agati, Clinscience now expands its offer with two differentiators — reliable & proven Real-World Data competencies and Synthetic/External Control Arm development and design,” said Daniel Kowalski, Head of Data Science and Technology at Clinscience.

“United with the traditional approach and services for Biometrics, it places Clinscience in a unique position to support partners with skills that are impactful in the modern Clinical Trials.”

“Data Integrity and Consistency are paramount to our organization. This is why we are expanding our offer to Clients and Patients through continuous investments in companies like Agati Group and EXOM Group,” commented Tomek Dabrowski, Chief Executive Officer of Clinscience, responsible for the Clinical Trials business in Neuca Group.

“Together we are committed, as ever, to building a Data-driven and Patient-centric global team, which supports our Partners’ needs and fulfills the specific regulatory environments.”

What does the deal mean to Agati Systems?

“We are committed to bringing Biostatistics, Data Management, Data Standardization (CDISC), and Regulatory Services to another level. We have made solutions customizable to the dynamic needs of our partners,” said Ramanan Bathala, CEO and founder of Agati Group.

“We are happy to be part of a versatile, global team together with Clinscience and offer our clients the finest cost-efficient smart Services utilizing the latest technologies, which boost productivity and reduce operating costs.” Ramanan Bathala will become part of Clinscience’s Executive Board and continue his responsibilities as the CEO of Agati Group.