Australia’s first clicks and mortar marketplace, Flash Market launches

Matty Gee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Flash Market

Australia’s first ever ‘Clicks & Mortar Marketplace’ that offers an Uber Eats-like delivery service for small retailers has just launched – called Flash Market, the eBay styled platform offers one hour delivery so small businesses can compete with the likes of eBay and Amazon.

Flash Market will fast track the ‘Shop Local’ movement and bring small retailers effortlessly into the digital world as they work alongside self-employed local drivers.

Australians to harness the Flash Market platform

Businesses will not be slugged the huge fees associated with food delivery apps – Flash Market’s commissions are one-third the cost for providing a similar service.

“Flash Market is a cross between eBay and Uber Eats and we believe it will completely change the way we shop locally,” said Flash Market Founder & CEO, Matty Gee.

“We want to see SMBs thrive. We’ve seen a lot of new signups from family-owned retail stores that have never sold through an online marketplace or had an ecommerce presence before.”

“Furthermore, they have our word we will never gouge them unfairly like the food delivery apps. Small businesses are the bedrock to all communities, and we are giving them the tools to pivot to online and offer fast delivery so they can compete against the big players.”

“Just like UberEats, when you open up Flash Market – all the participating local shops in your area will pop up and showcase what they have to buy.”

“Simply choose the type of delivery service you need; hand delivered, posted, or pick up in store, and we will look after the rest. Our Flash Delivery Drivers deliver orders within 60 minutes or 24 hours, and you can track your item to your door in real time.”

“Delivery costs on average $5-10. And if we fail to deliver on time – you won’t have to pay.”

Flash Market platform welcomes investors

Over the past two months, Flash Market has had over 30,000 consumers sign up to use the service with more and more retailers being onboarded every day. 

Flash Market also expects keen interest from Australian investors who are being given the opportunity to own shares in the company.

The share offer will be managed by Birchal, Australia’s most reputable equity funding platform. The company’s mission is to be the largest online marketplace in Australia by 2025 by making shopping local easy while supporting local family-owned retailers.

“There are so many situations where Flash Market is perfect – and that’s on top of people using online shopping to be COVID safe.”

“If you need a last-minute birthday gift and can’t leave your office, Flash Market allows you to buy from a gift store and a local driver will deliver it to you within the hour.”

Retailers will benefit from having their products exposed to millions of potential customers while also protecting their profit margins with a low fee payment model that is also free to list. 

Unlike food delivery platforms that charge as much as 35% commission on every sale, Flash Market charges a small 10% commission.

Delivery is the customer’s expense as the retailer doesn’t pay a cent! Retailers will be able to Post Deals, just like in store, where they will show up in Flash Market’s Deal feed.

Those deals can be converted into Flash Sales in a limited time offer for added excitement.

The benefits for drivers are just as great. Unlike other platforms that charge drivers high fees, Flash Market’s fee is only 10% per delivery, which is about one-third that of food apps.

The company also boasts competitive driver rates per kilometre, and the ability to maximise their earning potential by delivering up to 10 orders at a time.

With a maximum target of $5 million in shares up for grabs, Flash Market will use its capital raise to bolster its sales and marketing to ensure its marketplace bustles with activity that will benefit consumers, retailers and drivers.