Chinese International School taps into Juniper Networks’ AI-driven solutions

Juniper Networks, a secure, AI-driven networks firm, announced that Chinese International School (CIS), a private international school with a dynamic, dual-language learning community, has selected Juniper’s wireless solutions to build a robust AI-driven learning network to enable immersive digital learning experiences for its students and teachers.

Established in 1983 as Hong Kong’s first school teaching an international curriculum in English and Mandarin, CIS has grown to become a leading international school with an exceptional track record of academic achievements. With a growing enrollment of over 1,600 students representing over 30 nationalities and a need to support its Vision 33 roadmap, CIS embarked on a journey to transform the network experience at its Hong Kong Campus.

CIS has always been at the forefront of hybrid learning, having prioritized the implementation of digital tools and technology to deal with various local situations which had made school closures necessary. With the territory continuing to face pandemic-related lockdowns, CIS saw the opportunity to evaluate upgrades to its campus wireless network.

Why did CIS onboard Juniper Networks’ solutions?

The aim was to be able to welcome back its students later in the year with a refreshed and robust wireless network, to better cater to students who have grown more adept at tech and provide access to bandwidth intensive applications, digital tools and resources. To uphold its commitment to providing high-quality learning experiences, CIS partnered with Juniper to build an AI-driven network that can meet the diverse needs of its students and staff.

In keeping with the school’s own sustainability agenda, which includes a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2033, Chinese International School sought to work with a vendor who shared similar goals for the environment. Juniper’s commitment to sustainability and recent carbon neutral pledge played an important role in the vendor selection process.

Chinese International School deployed the Juniper Wireless Access Points in conjunction with the Juniper Mist Wi-Fi Assurance service, providing students and staff with uninterrupted access to seamless high-speed, reliable connectivity at all times and from any location on campus. With this deployment, the school’s lean IT team can streamline network operations, speed up troubleshooting and gain unprecedented insight into the user experience.

What does the partnership mean for CIS?

This is significant for CIS, which now sees over 4,000 devices connected to the network daily, from mobile phones to laptops to tablets. With an AI-driven network powered by Juniper, CIS can support an increasing number of connected devices while also keeping up with future network demands as more students access digital learning tools and resources.

Looking ahead, the school hopes to expand the use of Mist AI capabilities in its Hong Kong campus and bring AI-driven networking to its Hangzhou campus in the future.

“Throughout our partnership with Juniper Networks, our experience has been nothing short of seamless. By leveraging Juniper’s Mist AI and cloud, we were able to program the access points off-site, seamlessly deploy them and have the network up and running in three days,” commented Sunil Talwar, Deputy Director of Operations, Chinese International School.

“Our students and staff were able to return to campus the following day and connect to the network without even noticing anything had changed. We remain bold and are confident in our ability to continue to provide superior digital learning experiences for our students as they continue in their pursuit of excellence, commitment to service and stewardship of our future.”

What does the partnership mean for Juniper Networks?

Thomas Chan, Country Manager, Hong Kong & Macau at Juniper Networks

“It is an honor to work with the Chinese International School to deliver a world-class education experience for its students. With our experience-first approach and AI-driven solutions, we have built a network that will support its students’ evolving needs and facilitate seamless access to digital tools and resources that will unlock immersive learning experiences,” said Thomas Chan, Country Manager, Hong Kong & Macau, Juniper Networks.

“We remain committed to growing our relationship with CIS and look forward to working closely with them to fully realize the potential of an AI-driven network across all their operations, beginning with their Hong Kong campus,” Thomas Chan further commented.