Circles, the digital telecom company wins two 2023 Asian Telecom Awards

Abhishek Gupta, Co-founder of Circles
Abhishek Gupta, Co-founder of Circles

Circles, a reputable global digital telecommunications and consumer company, won two prestigious awards from the Asian Telecom Awards 2023. The award recognizes the remarkable achievements and initiatives of Asia’s leading telecommunications companies.

What earned Circles these two prestigious awards?

The Travel Product of the Year was awarded to Circles’ digital telco, Circles Life Singapore’s travel lifestyle app, Jetpac. Launched in 2022 to provide greater convenience and experience to post-COVID travellers, Jetpac promises travel freedom for all with its fuss-free e-sim activation, unbeatable global roaming rates and travel perks. Within 4 months of the launch, Jetpac achieved more than 10x growth in sign-ups, of which, more than 50% were new customers.

The second award, Marketing & Brand Initiative of the Year, was awarded to Circles Life for its ‘Big Freeze’ campaign. When leading national telco operators raised their mobile plan prices, Circles Life did the ‘untelco’ thing and froze prices for 18 months to help ordinary Australians adapt to the current rising cost of living without compromising on their digital experiences.

Through the ‘Big Freeze’ campaign, Circles Life saw an impressive 28% increase in sales, including a significant spike in new customers and clients from all the leading country telcos.

What did the executives have to say about these awards?

Abhishek Gupta, co-founder of Circles said, “We are honoured to receive two accolades from the Asian Telecom Awards 2023. This recognition is a strong testament that we are delivering the digital telco experiences that people want and need. It also reflects our agility in rapidly bringing innovative services that deliver greater convenience and value to all our customers.”

“We are very pleased to confer Circles’ digital telco two Asian Telecom Awards. Circles’ innovative and customer-centric marketing approach is impressive and has truly set them apart from the competition. It is no surprise they have now earned the Marketing & Brand Initiative of the Year as well as the Travel Product of the Year awards. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next,” says Tim Charlton, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Asian Telecom Magazine.


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